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would like to say sorry for disappearing
just really couldn’t think of anything to
write. and also i was busy as you can
see by the blog before this one.

[it was awesome dude]

[oh and in response to your comment
cause it was a big one, lol]

good to hear that you’re kool
and just so’s you know all moods
pass over time [and i should know
i been in some terrible ones

and the 45 min hug was actually
extremely comfortable, lol, and this
is gonna sound random but I have
noticed more and more people using
square brackets, lol


[guardian g2 crossword]

[kinda says it all really, lol]

[note] [1]

I visited my Flickr account and
saw that there was a new homepage
available. So I clicked it. I suggest
that everyone do this. Just for
the elevator music that comes up
as it changes


[mercury] [19th]

If you read my recent blog
on DMU then you’ll know
that I planned to call them
to discuss my future.

Well I e-mailed them, with
the address supplied on the
website, but I found myself
constantly checking my

So I decided to watch a
DVD [Law And Order:
Criminal Intent] just to
distract me for a bit.

When the episodes had
finished I decided that I
had shown enough restraint
and checked my e-mails
and there it was.

And basically after all this
waiting, it said that it was
best for me to just call
them to discuss any questions
I had about the course.

[Fucks sake]

Well I did it. On Friday I
called up De Mont Ford
in Leicester and asked
to speak to student

I am not ashamed in
admitting I was actually
nervous [and more than
slightly scared] as I dialed
the number and as the phone
rang [and rang] but then the
guy who sent me the E-mail
[John] answered.

And you know what?
This guy wasn’t only
one of the nicest people
I had talked to on the phone
in recent memory. He was
extremely helpful and
actually [without realising it]
calmed me down a bit about the
whole thing.

So after the phone call I went
onto the UCAS website and
started the application form.

So there it is.

First steps to something amazing,
or the build up to failure?

I probably won’t mention this
again, just in case it all fuck’s