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[before I shuffle aside this mortal coil]

I have many realisations most days of the week, some are
quite benign and pointless [like for instance how vagina is
a strange word to say] and some with some more use, for
example, the life that is currently in my possession needs
to epic. This needs to be one of the best lives on record and
be so amazing that it appears on record. I know this sound
quite big headed, but like I’ve said before, these are my
thoughts and this is my blog and I will write whatever
happens when the two meet.

I see people everyday that have wasted the time that they have, or have
had, with sudden realisations that time is indeed running short. I don’t
know what it is but it actually saddens me that I may actually join these
vast ranks of people with lives of little experience. And the ways that I
can notice this, is by listening to the things that they have done in their
lives that they are most proud of. They never seem to have gone very
far for any lengthy period of time or explored in any way. And as some
of you may know…

This will never be me.

So over the next few weeks I am going to compose a list. Things to
do before I die. A bucket list if you will. I haven’t yet decided as to
whether this list will be composed of fifty items, one hundred or
even one hundred and fifty items. All I know is that it will be one
of the things in my life that I actually complete. Instead of leaving
half done like many, many things that I have started during my time

It also annoys me that I have all these things that I note
down ‘to-do’ but I never get around too, wasting time on
Facebook and such websites or doing literally nothing,
if I could change one thing about me it would be my lazy
nature. Oh and possibly to have a bit more of neck.

The progress of the ‘Things To Do Before I Die’ list will be charted
on another blog which I will create especially for the task of keeping
people abreast of the progress I am making [should they actually
care at all], I haven’t actually made the blog yet, as even I don’t
know the full details of the list. But when I have made it I will but
the link on here for all to see. There will be some ridiculous ones
on there and some quite mundane ones, but hey I’m gonna do
what I want. Because I feel like it.


I blog
I photoblog
I twitter
I tumble
I facebook
I flickr
I youtube
I myspace

Hi, I’m Rich
And I’ll be moving
Keep in touch

[one year of squarebrackets, who’d have thought it?]

The first post was placed on this site on the 2nd of
August 2008. So I’m a little late but I only realised
today. So yeah, a whole year. I’m probably as
surprised as you. Because I usually abandon stuff
like this a long time ago.

For the next few days [Saturday, Sunday, and Monday]
I’m going to be in Dublin in Ireland. Should be fun. So
I’ve placed a wordpress style wrap-up but for the entire
year. Using stats and the like. Enjoy

Here are the stats for the 2nd August 2008 to the 7th August 2009 stats:

    • 2 blogs were created.
    • 161 posts were published.
    • 270 comments. Alot of this is due to yourownpersonalmonster [click the link].
    • 7,780 pageviews on squarebrackets.wordpress.com.
    • The most amount of views in a month occurred in May 2009 with 839 views. With July 2009 coming a close second with 834 views.
    • In 2008 this blog received 2,830 views and so far in 2009 it has received 4,950 views.
    • The average view per day in 2008 was 19.
    • The average view per day so far in 2009 is 23.

      • 15 Categories.
      • 4 Pages.
      • 25 Drafts [alot of these are rubbish and will never see the light of day].
      • The most popular search term to reach this blog is ‘Polaroid’ which is responsible for 1,019 views.
      • The most viewed page or post is the ‘[about me’ page which has received 324 views.
      • And the biggest referrer to this blog is the WordPress Dashboard.

    And there you go. A whole year of views and comments reduced
    to numbers. That isn’t to say I haven’t appreciated all your
    comments for I have recieced for I have. And I love the fact that
    people actually reead all the random things that I have to say.

    As you saw on that list of statistics I have created two blogs.
    The other blog is realatively quite new with only one post on
    it at the moment [although it has about ten drafts, all of
    which will be made into posts]. It was made for the express
    purpose of display my photography. the link is below:


    Lets hope that I keep that one up [and this one] for another year.
    Thanks, and keep reading!

    I still don’t believe that I’ve had this and kept it active for
    a year.

    [sixteen things]

    So I was tagged on WordPress by the Dude,
    also on Facebook by my friend Ali, so it’s
    best that I carry it on. So I’m going to
    expand it and write twenty-five things
    about myself. Now these things are
    completely random [just so’s you know].

    1] Sometimes, which can be alot of the time
    my nose doesn’t seem to work, so I can’t smell
    perfume, shampoo or gas [which is the most
    worrying] and other times its fine.

    2] I’ve been told that I’m a talented at
    photography, but recently I have been
    doubting this and I’m not sure how I’m going
    to turn that around.

    3] I have a need to see places I’ve never seen
    before, even if it means making a three hour
    trip, it’ll be worth it to see somewhere new.

    4] I can’t sing, yet I do. All the time. I can’t
    seem to help it. And if I’ve gotten bored of a
    song or I think that it’s not that great, I’ll
    make up my own lyrics. These are usually
    about someone or something that I’m thinking

    5] I talk too much.

    6] I’m allergic to peanuts, wasp stings and
    prawns. Pretty much all the geeky things to
    be allergic to.

    I seem to fall for people too easily  and then
    when other people like me  I tend to ignore

    8] I’m not sure if my dad is actually alive or
    not. We never speak and I don’t really speak
    to his side of the family either or have a way
    to contact them.

    9] I never do crosswords in pen,  always in

    10] I used to be crazy but over it myself and
    feel better for it.

    11] I’m a pretty good cook [I have been told
    this] andI actually enjoy doing it, but tend
    to reserve it for special occasions.

    12] I can write poems about pretty much
    anything, but, if I look deeper into them
    they’re usually about the same thing.

    13] I’ve realised that I can be quite
    secretive at times and  at others reveal
    my soul to the world.

    14] I really feel the need to improve my
    vocabulary and be able to form sentences
    that make em feel stupid.

    15] My mum is one of the coolest mums
    ever and this has also been said by others.

    16] Me and my best friend Tommi have
    been friend for about eleven or twelve
    years and I know I can tell him anything.

    17] My dreams are getting really abstract
    recently. Last nights one involved the

    My Friends,
    Random People,
    A Riot,
    A Pub,
    A Piano,
    Getting Drunk,
    Time Travel,
    Kung Fu,
    Closed Down Pubs,
    Me Getting Shot,
    Government Agents,
    & Two snakes [and one was robotic]

    18] I snore, loudly. So yeah, sorry
    about that.

    19] I’m a hopeless romantic, with the
    emphasis on the hopeless part.

    20] I’m an excellent boyfriend [I
    have references].

    I used to take driving lessons until a
    wasp hit my windscreen and I slammed
    on the acceleration and went into traffic
    and over a round-a-bout.

    I am shit scared of wasps and bees and
    I don’t see myself growing out it.

    23] My hair is probably twice as big as it
    looks but because I am lazy I don’t comb

    24] My phone is permanently on silent and
    because of this I don’t actually what my
    ringtone sounds like.

    25] I am ‘aww’ apparently, although no-one
    has been able to convince me of this.


    26] I still eat eat yogurt with chopsticks.

    And there you go, 25 things you may or
    may not have not known about me. I’m not
    going to tag anybody [mainly because I’m
    not sure how].

    Anyways, brand new blog tomorrow.

    [nice to be commented]

    Recently wordpress placed a
    blog online, which was a movie
    displaying the changes that will
    soon befall this blogging system
    that I and so many others used.

    [to view this blog click here]

    I watched the video and was quite
    impressed. They took a system I
    could honestly find no fault with
    and made it better.

    So I commented this blog, saying;

    [this is awesome]
    [like seriously]

    Not my most eloquent of responses,
    but it did look good. So with that all
    done i went about doing what I do
    best. Wasting time. And then some
    time later I received a comment on
    my [about me] page.

    [i’m not going to link you because it
    is directly above this page]

    And this said;

    hoh said 1 day ago:

    {yr a clever lad!}
    [link from wp announcment re preview to upcoming upgrade]
    all the best
    cape town


    So I replied saying thank you for the
    comment and why did they think I
    was a clever lad and their response was

    squarebrackets on November 8, 2008 said:

    Heya, thanks for commenting
    on my blog

    But why did you think I was
    a clever lad may I ask?


    hoh says:

    when scrolling down all the comments on the new version of WP preview,
    your comment stood out for originality as does your avitar
    – you think outside the box – you aren’t a sheep – you are an original visual thinker
    this means you are a person that can help people see the world differently!
    get them to see beyond/outside the box – hopefully so they become more tolerant – peace promoting value creating……
    you’re a non conformist which is a marvellous thing in my book!
    it’s the non conformists generally that have taught me the most
    oh and
    non conformists generally know who they are and don’t care what others think of them especially strangers
    [just make sure you’re a constructive one please!]

    lol, heres the original blog
    if you don’t believe me


    [blogging: in all it’s forms]

    Now I have created this particular blog, as
    a tool to improve on my writing and basically
    be more creative with my use of the written

    But it’s not just me out here, there are
    millions of people all around the world,
    writing in various ways on the internet.
    Be it a personal journal on Livejounal,
    a blog on Blogspot or Myspace or maybe
    someone has created a dedicated website
    to do with them or a facet of their life
    that they hold dear to them.

    This realisation in the many ways that
    people all over the world express
    themselves occurred when a friend of mine,
    upon hearing of the blogs that I own,
    for which there are a few, told me that
    the internet is comprised of two percent
    blogs, that means that of all the information
    that the internet contains, including
    practically the whole worlds knowledge, that
    two percent are peoples views hopes and
    feelings and although I couldn’t possibly
    sit here and list the different types of
    bloggers there are in the world, but I
    have comprised a list of the ones I have
    encounted most in my time.

    You have the ‘Ambiguous’ blogger [or blog],
    these bloggers have a whole lot to say
    but fear direct confrontation. So, they
    make it known in their blogs. So instead
    of talking it out with the person they
    will make remarks about them, that appear
    open, but can usually be deciphered due
    to the context of the text. I have to say
    I have actually done this and left messages
    in my blogs in the past wherein only one
    or two people would understand the reference,
    and other people would dismiss it.

    Next, you have the ‘Diary’ type blog,
    or the ‘Journal’. These blogs are kept
    like a diary describing the writers day
    in detail, so that they have a record of
    their achievements and challenges, these type
    of blogs are also a useful tool. Allowing
    the writer able to remember mistakes in the past and
    learn from them. the majority of these journals
    are anonymous and are kept so that the writer
    can express themselves in ways that they can’t
    to their friends or family. In this instance
    the blog then becomes a venting tool, and can
    also become an extension of that persons personality.
    This can be good, allowing the person to vent and
    release any undue stress. But can also have a
    bad side, making it hard for the person to confide
    in the people around them, through fear of
    a tough situation occurring.

    Now this next type of blog, the ‘Event’ blog
    is quite similar to the one described above.
    Except an event blog focuses more on an event
    that has happened, or will happen to the
    writer. Like I said earlier this does border
    on a diary entry but focuses on an event. As
    opposed to the writers thoughts and feelings
    concerning an entire day, also diary entries
    tend to focus on the past, while event blogs
    can go either way.

    This next type of blog is used as a good tool
    for creative inspiration. The ‘Fictional’ blog,
    this could be mimicking a ‘Diary’ or ‘Event’
    blog but be completely fictional, this helps
    writers in building up character substance and
    making the characters they create seem more
    three dimensional as it were. I believe this
    is how the book ‘Anonymous Lawyer’ by Jeremy
    Blachman started out.

    I have provided a link to the page for your
    perusal, it’s quite intersting and well deserving
    of a moment of your time


    Not all blogs are serious, or used as personal
    records for the writer. There are some blogs
    that are written as a joke. These aptly named
    ‘Jokey’ blogs are written just cheer people up.
    Be it family members, friends, co-workers or
    anyone who you feel may eventually read it.
    I have done this myself. In fact, at one point
    I feel I have written.

    You do get the ‘Useless’ blogs. That don’t
    really have a purpose, but allow the writer
    to write to an audience. This is where the
    blog gains purpose not in the context or
    content of the written material therein
    but in the confidence it gives the writer.
    They know that when they write, someone
    will read it and at times respond. Allowing
    the writer to be informed that their views
    and opinions are well informed.

    Like I said earlier. I am aware that there
    are a wider and varied list of the types of blogs
    that exist out there, because if blogs can
    take up two percent of the internet, each
    one written by someone different, all with
    something to say [not including blogs that
    are created but with nothing written in them].
    Then a list made to cover all the possible
    categories that can exist would be somewhat immense.

    [word count: 811 words]