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[views on heartbreak]

Totally worth it.

No, seriously.

The way I see it, its an essential part
of human emotional growth, and
without it I don’t think that many
of the well-adjusted people that
you see from day to day would be
who they are.

And like most people I have experienced
this myself [I can’t say that it has equaled
to the tales I have heard from my
contemporarys], but yeah, it hurt, but, I
am [in a strange round-a-bout way]
appreciative of the experience. Experience
helps you grow stronger and allows
you to deal with situations with a level head.

Now I am not saying that I would like to
experience heartache again, but you see
thats the thing.

No matter how many times
you go through heartache for the last
time, your bound to go through it again.
It’s called life and like I said before it
worth it, because if something had the
ability to break your heart. It must have
been awesome to begin with.

True Story.

[thanks rick]

A while ago, whilst I was
still living in New Cross
my flatmate [and really good
friend] Rick Graham turned to
me [we were both rather drunk]
and said “I don’t believe they
could have said that to you,
if someone said that to me I
don’t know what I’d do”.

Now I don’t remember what I
said back, like I said, we were both
really drunk, but it just popped
back into my head after a
couple of months, and although
he’ll probably never read this,
just wanna say thanks man.

Because I was thinking about it
and the event in which he was talking about,
was by all accounts terrible, but as bad
as it was, it didn’t send me over the edge,
at all. In fact my reaction was quite benign,
because for some reason I just didn’t care.
Rick seem to care more than me, which was
quite funny.

I’m come a long way this year. I’m stronger
in mind and in spirit and I have been able
to deal with things that two years ago
would’ve definitely sent me over the
edge, I’m a lot happier and have a better
outlook on life in general. So…

Rick Graham Polaroid

Rick Graham Polaroid

Thanks Rick and go me, the new and improved
Richard =]

True Story.