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[today was shit]

Now, annoying, to contrast the
day that I had yesterday, I had
quite a crappy day. and the
annoying things are this;

1] It Started OK

2] I don’t know what changed

For some reason it turned from
an average day at work to one
of those days when you want to
listen to quasi-depressing music
at the loudest possible volume.

[which I did, and it was fun]

I have no reason to be down
today, at all, yet I am still in
a bit of a mood and can’t seem
to shake it.

There obviously were good points
about my day, like for instance,
working with Amy, Amanda, Tom
and to some extent David, although
at times he can seem more morose
than I.

Also I had to return a milkshake
today, which I can inform you is the
low point of my consumer life.

There was one reason I came up
with to explain my bad mood, but
it couldn’t be that, I’ve come too far
to be bothered by that crap.

Hopefully in a few minutes I’ll
blog awesome like usual, but give
me this space [and this time] to vent.