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[sensible heart]

It amazes me [and aggravates me
at the same time] at how we can
pretty much control everything
in the world and it seems so easy.
But some reason, control seems
impossible when it concerns feelings
[and/or emotions].

This is especially true when these
feeling concern those around us.
And because of this we do
things we regret, we say
things we wish we hadn’t.
But heres the thing about regret,
it’s experience.

Absolution, let’s say, on the
thing, that constant thing
[feeling or person] that for the
past few days, weeks, months
[whatever], you have left
unsaid, you now know for

And at some level alot of people
wish they could give into regret,
because to do that, takes quite
a bit of courage.

[one day it will all become awesome]

As people we spend alot of time waiting.
Waiting for that perfect life or romantic
situation to appear. The thing about
waiting is that you hardly find yourself
risking anything.

Most of the good things in life, or the
good things that happen in life or
have happened are the direct result
of taking a chance.

Now, I’m not talking, the rolling of
a dice chance, I’m talking about
taking that chance that scares you.
Usually, the more it scares you
the greater the rewards. And if
you take the time to think about
it, you’ll realise I’m right.

So why are people stuck in a rut?

Why when what I just said is
common knowledge are people
seeming to be taking less and
less chances these days. The
answer for this?

Fear of consequence my dears,
fear of consequence.

It’s a shitty truth, but it is a truth
none the less, and as I sit here
in front of my laptop I wonder why
I myself am in said rut and what
I am gonna do to get out of it.

Fuck all is what I’m gonna do,
at least for the moment, life is
OK, and I have no reason to change
it, but, saying this I am liable
to do something soon. All because
of a Bloc Party lyric. As silly as
it sounds. The lyrics is from the
song called ‘Waiting For The 7:18’

“If I could do it again, I’d make more
mistakes, I’d not be so scared of
falling. If I could do it again I’d
climb more trees, I’d pick and I’d
eat more wild, blackberries”

I don’t wanna feel like that when
I’m thirty.