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[i’m in love with your daughter, i wanna have her babies]

Because when I got in from work today I
was stupid enough to get comfortable on
my bed and fell asleep for several hours.

So this meant that I wasn’t able to sleep
last night which is annoying as I’m up now
and I need to be at work in less than two hours,
so I thought that I would write a blog entry,
it has been a while. Hasn’t it?

First off, in regards to the previous post, and
for those that don’t know I started writing
a book when I was really bored in the
departure lounge of an airport and recently
found it again and placed the first chapter
on wordpress as a blog [the aforementioned
‘previous’ blog] and it got generally good
feedback. Apart from a few grammatical
mistakes, it was all good. If you’ve not read
it, please do and comment. I sent a message
on Facebook to my favourite author Mike Gayle
and he like it. So that was awesome. Only
annoying thing is that the second chapter
is terrible in comparasion so that needs alot
of re-writing.

I went to Facedown on Friday. Which is a
once monthly club night held in Scala in
Kings Cross in London. And I don’t think that
I’ll be going again for some time. And this
isn’t because I had a terrible time. It’s because
it was probably one of the best nights out
I have had in a long time. And I don’t think
I need to go out for a while because of how great
that night was, other nights won’t really be
able to compare.

I may have a part-time job sorted for when I leave
Jessops in less than two weeks.

I got Regina Spektor’s new album [that’s what
the title is about] and it’s actually pretty good.
I’ve had a quick listen to La Roux’s album and
also the new album by Jack Penate. Definite
buy’s for when I get some more money

I may have an actual website soon, but it’ll most
likely be a link site for my flickr and this blog and
so forth. And there you go, a four hundred word catch
up blog on what I have been up to recently.

I didn’t sleep last night, this feels odd. Although
the Sunrise this morning probably worth it. But
now I look outside it seems to be raining.

[today] [06|08|2008]

[today i haven’t slept]

[today I will sleep on the bus]

[today I will have to go past there]

[today I have to go back there]

[today I will party]

[today I will drink]

[today won’t end for a while]

[today will end strangely]

[today, I have a choice]

[today, the d[evil] and g[o]od are
raging inside of me]

[so here we are again]

[wake up princess]

Recently I have found that my
sleeping patterns have become
even more random, and although
this is by no means the first
time that this has come about,
it is my least productive.

Usually, and this is mainly when
I was younger and suffering from
not being able to sleep [I must
say that during this blog I’m
refusing to say that I suffer from
the ‘I’ word for lack of sleep] I
would read a book [or two] or
maybe. But recently I seem to
stare at the ceiling waiting to be
bored to fall asleep.

When I lived in New Cross I only
had about four or five [maybe
seven] nights where I didn’t sleep
and quite a few where I didn’t
sleep what are to be considered
normal hours, it was also about
that time that I was informed
that it isn’t normal for a person
to wake up every half hour or
so. Oh well.

But realising my lack of productivity
has made me realise that I’m
wasting time that I could be:

Sorting my CD’s
Reading my not yet finished novels
Making headway on my own novel
Sorting out the dates for my future photography jobs
Finishing my to-do lists
Writing more blogs

And if you hadn’t guessed,
yes, this blog is a declaration
of productivity, I need to
get things done and thing
is, i have the night, where most
people do not.