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[another love haiku]

Sitting with my book
Waiting at the train station
I look up, your there


[your standard love poem]

As the sun pierces my eyes
Devoiding me of sleep
As I awaken, I see
The only thing I’ll ever need

As you lay there
So restful and so serene
I lay back and wonder
How lucky I have been

[rosey cheeks]

Nothing can stop this

It can merely suprise us

Soft kissed cheek blushes

[short haiku]

Walking through the fields
My fingers gently brush past
I felt you with me

[moments of happiness] [not finished]

I’ve drifted off in your arms
Many a time
The safety and warmth
Knowing that these arms are mine

Your head inside books
To help with your art
My restfull head laying
Inches from your heart

[not sure how to finish this so
I’m just gonna leave it]

[it’s hope, the endurance of faith]

[Everything I said was true,
Except about how I felt for you,
Because that gets stronger everyday.]

[Love for me can be a lie,
But I know that ours will never die,
And that’s all I have to say.]

[So from here on in I’ll tell the truth,
That being the least I owe to you,
My love, the one who stays,
But always knowing you’ll leave someday]

[drinking and waking up alone]

With my hands in my pockets,
And my heart on the floor.
My brain five miles behind,
Feeding me words,
That lack value anymore.

My love is astoundingly generic,
or so I believed this is what she said.
With nothing new to add to the
mix, I drink till my liver feels dead.

As I awake the next morning,
not sure how I got home.
With yesterdays words and memories returning,
I remember that I am now alone.