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[the coolest t-shirt I have ever owned]

I present to you, the offensive shirt.

[what I would have looked like as a chick]

These were made by my old flatmate Kate, the three chicks have been
made up to look like other people in the house [namely Rick Graham,
Alex Feery and myself].

I am on the left with a beard playing piano. Rick is in the centre  with emo hair and
a Guinness  under his wing and on the far right we have Alex. And although you
can’t see it he has got flesh tunnels taped on under his ears.

Found this photo recently and it made me giggle. So it’s on the blog.

I may start doing my posts like this just so’s I get into the habit of writing on here.

[am i going downtown for halloween]

[fuck no, I’m going uptown with my
best friend Tommi]

[this is what I wore last year and I’m
thinking of doing it again this year,
but better]

[i’m also going to photoin an awesome
band, oh and if you were wondering
who i am amongst this lot, i’m the guy
in the bloodied up lab coat]

[more eye make up and blood this year
me thinks]

[actually to be honest, i’m going to
uptowns downtown, but hey, it’s
better than downtowns uptown]

[oh oh oh, and i forgot the awesome
bit, i may actually get to wear it at
work 2morrow as well] [this is awesome
to me]

[placing a lid on the past]

In life you find that there are times
that in retrospect everything suddenly
becomes clear to you. You look back
and realise that you were blind to
that one piece of the puzzle that
eluded you whilst being right there
in your face the whole time.

And then, you have times like this
where the situation is so clear it
hurts. Something big is going to
happen, but I’m not sure what.
I do have reasons for this, it’s
not random precognition, the
signs are all about.

Now over the past months my mind
was still set back in Bromley, and
although I have more than a slight
distaste for the place. It was the catylyst
for some of the major events of my
life in recent years.

It’s where I got my first photography
related job [Jessops]. It’s also where
I met people that had a massive and
profound impact on my life. But, I have
realised that for some reason things are
slowly disappearing from the Bromley

The apologies I’ve received from my
exes and also the fact that one of my best
friends [that I met in Bromley if you hadn’t
figured the connection] is moving out
of London.

It seems like the past is being placed
behind me and ushering something


[words of wisdom|Rick Graham]

[thanks rick]

A while ago, whilst I was
still living in New Cross
my flatmate [and really good
friend] Rick Graham turned to
me [we were both rather drunk]
and said “I don’t believe they
could have said that to you,
if someone said that to me I
don’t know what I’d do”.

Now I don’t remember what I
said back, like I said, we were both
really drunk, but it just popped
back into my head after a
couple of months, and although
he’ll probably never read this,
just wanna say thanks man.

Because I was thinking about it
and the event in which he was talking about,
was by all accounts terrible, but as bad
as it was, it didn’t send me over the edge,
at all. In fact my reaction was quite benign,
because for some reason I just didn’t care.
Rick seem to care more than me, which was
quite funny.

I’m come a long way this year. I’m stronger
in mind and in spirit and I have been able
to deal with things that two years ago
would’ve definitely sent me over the
edge, I’m a lot happier and have a better
outlook on life in general. So…

Rick Graham Polaroid

Rick Graham Polaroid

Thanks Rick and go me, the new and improved
Richard =]

True Story.

[quotes 1]

“I tried to make a game
out of it, but then realised
I didn’t have any rules yet”

Rick Graham
Amersham Arms, New Cross
May 2008