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[i’ve got the shoulders apparently]

I’ve recently gotten used to the fact
that as well as being ‘that guy’ [the
one people can tell anything too], I
appear to also be that shoulder.

I somehow, over the past couple of years,
have become the shoulder to cry on. I say
‘couple of years’ because I don’t remember
anyone doing it before this.

It struck home at a work party, well in
actuality it was the after party, which
if I was to get into more detail. The time
between getting into the place we were
staying and getting everyone to bed
[which I had to end up doing].

But in this time I had two people crying
on my shoulder. With one of them it had
happened before and we get on really well,
so if I suddenly looked down and she was
crying on my shoulder I would ask what was
wrong obviously but wouldn’t be too surprised.

The other person on my shoulder was a
surprise though. not for the fact that
they were crying but because me and this
other person hardly talk, we generally chat,
but nothing of great substance and then
there I was. Saying how proud I was of
them and saying that they were doing way
better than I would have done in the
situation I was in.

Almost revealing a part of myself I’d
decided to keep secret, just to comfort
another person. is this the person I am
now? The one that has to cope with his
own worries as well as everyone elses.

[I would like to point out also that
neither of these people cried because
of something I had done]

[pre-emptive retrospective]

Among the growing up,
maturing if you will. That
recently seems to have snuck
up and grabbed me.

Life seems to have slowed to
a gentle pace, one that,
although mellow is more
involved than previously

I’m realising that the way
that I have previously lived
my life [in a small bubble,
not concerning myself
with the rest of the world]
was a terrible thing.

It is strange though
that I have only just realised
that the internet is more than
facebook or myspace, it is the
greatest tool for knowledge
that man has ever created. Even
though I had always know this,
I only realised recently.

These realisations even expand to
my views of university [which is
a completely different blog].

These day I’m even reading
broadsheets. Ha