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[museum day is fast approaching]

On the 18th of May it is International Museum
Day, a random fact for me to give you I am
sure, but hey,


I’ve got a busy few days ahead of me, I’ve got
to go out tomorrow night. Which although
is nowhere near the norm I do believe it will
go on until the morning hours of Saturday

Then I have to go to work. This is making
me giggle while I write this because it’s
been a while. Then I have to try to get out
of work early. Because straight afterwards
I’m going to Brighton. Top fun. Lucky I have
Sunday off hey.

I’m actually looking forward to Brighton as
well because I haven’t been in ages, like two
years methinks.

Recently I was tidying my room and came
across a novel I was yet to read thorugh and
then I found another, and another, and
another so I decided to list them. I have to
read 23 books with a page count over 7000.

This is going to take forever, good thing
I like reading so damn much, or maybe
it’s the buying books side of it? =]

[on some level…]

It should just be easy, shouldn’t

I’m finding that everything seems
to be a hassle, I seem to have to
really work for the things that I want.

I know it’s selfish, but I just want
things handed to me, for the
awesome stuff to be there when
I wake up in the morning or when
I look at my phone [silly thoughts
like this].

And somewhere in this blog, on a
random post, not too long ago, I
wrote that you have to work for
the things you want. And this
may seem like a U-turn, but I
am getting tired of all the effort.

But, there’s nothing I can do,
so I’ll stop this rant to continue
in my line of wisdom-giving
blogs and photography and
poems and what not and I’ll
try to keep these kinda blogs
held back.

[still tired though]