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[i’m in love with your daughter, i wanna have her babies]

Because when I got in from work today I
was stupid enough to get comfortable on
my bed and fell asleep for several hours.

So this meant that I wasn’t able to sleep
last night which is annoying as I’m up now
and I need to be at work in less than two hours,
so I thought that I would write a blog entry,
it has been a while. Hasn’t it?

First off, in regards to the previous post, and
for those that don’t know I started writing
a book when I was really bored in the
departure lounge of an airport and recently
found it again and placed the first chapter
on wordpress as a blog [the aforementioned
‘previous’ blog] and it got generally good
feedback. Apart from a few grammatical
mistakes, it was all good. If you’ve not read
it, please do and comment. I sent a message
on Facebook to my favourite author Mike Gayle
and he like it. So that was awesome. Only
annoying thing is that the second chapter
is terrible in comparasion so that needs alot
of re-writing.

I went to Facedown on Friday. Which is a
once monthly club night held in Scala in
Kings Cross in London. And I don’t think that
I’ll be going again for some time. And this
isn’t because I had a terrible time. It’s because
it was probably one of the best nights out
I have had in a long time. And I don’t think
I need to go out for a while because of how great
that night was, other nights won’t really be
able to compare.

I may have a part-time job sorted for when I leave
Jessops in less than two weeks.

I got Regina Spektor’s new album [that’s what
the title is about] and it’s actually pretty good.
I’ve had a quick listen to La Roux’s album and
also the new album by Jack Penate. Definite
buy’s for when I get some more money

I may have an actual website soon, but it’ll most
likely be a link site for my flickr and this blog and
so forth. And there you go, a four hundred word catch
up blog on what I have been up to recently.

I didn’t sleep last night, this feels odd. Although
the Sunrise this morning probably worth it. But
now I look outside it seems to be raining.

[two clouds meet, and there we are]

[a blog I once wrote about inclement
weather]  =]

It’s foggy outside I don’t know
why but I’ve always loved fog that
and thunderstorms I don’t know
why they fascinate me. But they
have done since a child, I’ve
never been able to understand
being scared of a thunderstorm.


With fog, it’s the idea, the fact even,
that your standing in one place
and although you can’t see too
far ahead. You know it’s there.
Not everything is visible
but you know.

Did you know
that that means that the fog seems
to be ubiquitous?

It’s like good times
you know? Always ahead
but never quite distinct
enough to know that they
are gonna be there when
you finally arrive.

Thunderstorms are just intense,
this said with a ringing
in ones ears. I can’t help but
sit at a window and stare
when one happens or maybe go
outside and appreciate it

I think I just love weather
I want to be able to one
day appreciate them all.

the weather
the seasons
the tides
the sky
the ground
the way ahead

Thunderstorms Are Cool

Thunderstorms Are Cool