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[quick thought that I had]

Sometimes, there are so many clouds in front of
you that you forget that there is bright blue sky
on the other side.


Don’t you think?
Ah well, it’s just a thought that I had.

[this is a really out of nowhere thought]

Ok, so this is my blog and it is the place
on the net where I just say whatever is
on my mind. So here goes,

Imagine, if you will, being the person that
invented the ‘beep’. That sound that has
become commonplace now but back then
was completely new and had never been

Would you feel proud of what you had given
to the world? Or overwhelmed about how
important your new sound had become?

Because if you think about the beep has
saved many lifes if you think about it,
with heart monitors and tracing beacons
and the like. Just spend a minute thinking
about it properly. How would you feel?

[just a quick thought]

In the day and age where money is
no object and anything is in some
way or another available to everyone
it has become more and more apparent
that people are only going after the
things that they can’t or in more cases
that none, shouldn’t have.

This can be the case with all things, including
that of relationships and what people feel
they need in their lives.

But, like a lot of things I could be wrong.
Ah well.