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[perhaps this is as good as it gets]

I have noticed something new about
myself, that, to be honest, I’m not
enjoying. Everything gets to me, all
of it. My mind has somehow lost the
ability to filter out the crap that
get thrown around on a daily basis.
Even things that have nothing to do
with me now have the power to wind
me up

And because of this I find moments of
calm [and not to re-reference myself,
happiness] further and further apart.
And this has now further led to me
disliking everything. I am not ready
to become this cynical person just yet.

Yet it is happening. I have actually
started to ignore people talking. Regardless
if it is about or too me. I just phase out
and even still when I blank out my mind
is blank.

But as always, I will find a way to turn
it around. Have done so before many
times and with situations much worse
than this.

One thought that does reoccur though,
regardless of where I am or what I’m
doing is that I feel I should be doing
much more than I’m currently doing.

But whenever I say ‘Do you ever hope
for more than there is?’ I receive no
answer, oh well. Time to pack it all
in and start again.

I’ll start on Monday, hopefully. Is
this as good as it gets?

[sixteen things]

So I was tagged on WordPress by the Dude,
also on Facebook by my friend Ali, so it’s
best that I carry it on. So I’m going to
expand it and write twenty-five things
about myself. Now these things are
completely random [just so’s you know].

1] Sometimes, which can be alot of the time
my nose doesn’t seem to work, so I can’t smell
perfume, shampoo or gas [which is the most
worrying] and other times its fine.

2] I’ve been told that I’m a talented at
photography, but recently I have been
doubting this and I’m not sure how I’m going
to turn that around.

3] I have a need to see places I’ve never seen
before, even if it means making a three hour
trip, it’ll be worth it to see somewhere new.

4] I can’t sing, yet I do. All the time. I can’t
seem to help it. And if I’ve gotten bored of a
song or I think that it’s not that great, I’ll
make up my own lyrics. These are usually
about someone or something that I’m thinking

5] I talk too much.

6] I’m allergic to peanuts, wasp stings and
prawns. Pretty much all the geeky things to
be allergic to.

I seem to fall for people too easily  and then
when other people like me  I tend to ignore

8] I’m not sure if my dad is actually alive or
not. We never speak and I don’t really speak
to his side of the family either or have a way
to contact them.

9] I never do crosswords in pen,  always in

10] I used to be crazy but over it myself and
feel better for it.

11] I’m a pretty good cook [I have been told
this] andI actually enjoy doing it, but tend
to reserve it for special occasions.

12] I can write poems about pretty much
anything, but, if I look deeper into them
they’re usually about the same thing.

13] I’ve realised that I can be quite
secretive at times and  at others reveal
my soul to the world.

14] I really feel the need to improve my
vocabulary and be able to form sentences
that make em feel stupid.

15] My mum is one of the coolest mums
ever and this has also been said by others.

16] Me and my best friend Tommi have
been friend for about eleven or twelve
years and I know I can tell him anything.

17] My dreams are getting really abstract
recently. Last nights one involved the

My Friends,
Random People,
A Riot,
A Pub,
A Piano,
Getting Drunk,
Time Travel,
Kung Fu,
Closed Down Pubs,
Me Getting Shot,
Government Agents,
& Two snakes [and one was robotic]

18] I snore, loudly. So yeah, sorry
about that.

19] I’m a hopeless romantic, with the
emphasis on the hopeless part.

20] I’m an excellent boyfriend [I
have references].

I used to take driving lessons until a
wasp hit my windscreen and I slammed
on the acceleration and went into traffic
and over a round-a-bout.

I am shit scared of wasps and bees and
I don’t see myself growing out it.

23] My hair is probably twice as big as it
looks but because I am lazy I don’t comb

24] My phone is permanently on silent and
because of this I don’t actually what my
ringtone sounds like.

25] I am ‘aww’ apparently, although no-one
has been able to convince me of this.


26] I still eat eat yogurt with chopsticks.

And there you go, 25 things you may or
may not have not known about me. I’m not
going to tag anybody [mainly because I’m
not sure how].

Anyways, brand new blog tomorrow.

[advice worth more than a dollar]

I do find that a lot of the time, I, for
reasons, that still lay unbeknown to me,
seem to be being asked questions, some
of these questions are trivial to be honest,
and others quite deep and meaningful.

The thing that is more scary than being
asked questions, is that somehow I
seem to have the answer the majority
of the time.

This being said, my answers are purely
subjective to the person that I am
saying them too and cannot be
reflected upon myself [no matter
how close my situation is].

But I do enjoy being the advice
giver. It’s quite pleasant.  =]

[Of course a lot of my advice
gets ignored, but its kind of
fun to know at the end that
I was right]