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[quite disturbing]

Upon tidying my room, I found a
quite disturbing poem that I wrote
years ago.

[f.y.i back then the majority of people
that I knew called my photo]

Photo did something stupid,
Photo did something bad,
Photo did something and relapsed
Into old habit he had

Photo did something stupid
But Photo doesn’t care
It makes photo laugh
Cause everyone was there

Photo did something stupid,
Hidden by the clothes he wears,
Photo now hides these
It looks like he’s been attacked by a bear

Photo’s arm now stings
Yet he’s bound to do it again
But Photo don’t care about nothing no more
Doesn’t even care about the pain

Reading this actually makes me happy that
I got past it and have become a more rounded
person. Boom.

[my views on your views on your religion]

Honestly I couldn’t care what your beliefs
are. As long as you’ve found something
that gets you through the day and also
means that you respect those around you.

The seems to be a strange trend among
my contemporaries to have a major
dislike towards religion and the believers
therein. If a man [or woman] is seen on
the high street [or where ever] and is
seen to be trying to inact other people
into his/her faith. My friends tend to
mock and see them as fools. Sometimes
going up to them and trying to pull
apart the belief it may have taken them
years to build up.

But. Like I said, they have something
to get them through the emptiness that
is sometimes life.

Faith is a strange thing. And it is also
something that I don’t think I could do,
to think that I would live my life trying
to abide by the rules of a being I cannot
physically see to go somewhere after
death I couldn’t possibly comprehend.

Ah well. Do what you like, just be happy.

[nice to be commented]

Recently wordpress placed a
blog online, which was a movie
displaying the changes that will
soon befall this blogging system
that I and so many others used.

[to view this blog click here]

I watched the video and was quite
impressed. They took a system I
could honestly find no fault with
and made it better.

So I commented this blog, saying;

[this is awesome]
[like seriously]

Not my most eloquent of responses,
but it did look good. So with that all
done i went about doing what I do
best. Wasting time. And then some
time later I received a comment on
my [about me] page.

[i’m not going to link you because it
is directly above this page]

And this said;

hoh said 1 day ago:

{yr a clever lad!}
[link from wp announcment re preview to upcoming upgrade]
all the best
cape town


So I replied saying thank you for the
comment and why did they think I
was a clever lad and their response was

squarebrackets on November 8, 2008 said:

Heya, thanks for commenting
on my blog

But why did you think I was
a clever lad may I ask?


hoh says:

when scrolling down all the comments on the new version of WP preview,
your comment stood out for originality as does your avitar
– you think outside the box – you aren’t a sheep – you are an original visual thinker
this means you are a person that can help people see the world differently!
get them to see beyond/outside the box – hopefully so they become more tolerant – peace promoting value creating……
you’re a non conformist which is a marvellous thing in my book!
it’s the non conformists generally that have taught me the most
oh and
non conformists generally know who they are and don’t care what others think of them especially strangers
[just make sure you’re a constructive one please!]

lol, heres the original blog
if you don’t believe me


[old emails]

I was looking at my emails, not
sure why, except that I rediscovered
a folder that I had long forgotten.

This folder [which was next to
my receipt folder] is labeled
personal. Contained e-mails
that [to be honest] I had actually
forgot about.

It held some emails that I was
sure that I had accidentally deleted.

There was one from my friend
who helped me through alot of
situations and also an obscure
french email which took me ages
to translate [I was never good with
other languages] and looking through
these old emails, I smile, not a brazen
cheek to cheek smile, but it’s there.

Because looking at these long forgotten
messages made me realise why people
keep diaries, why people keep postcards
and old letters in boxes under their beds.

It’s so that one day when you come across
them again, you can take in that moment,
which, had it not been for the e-mail,
diary, postcards or letters, would have
been lost amongst all the things that
go on in our heads given all the things
that happen in daily life.

Think I’m going to send some more
postcards and letters. I’d like to be
the reason behind some of those