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[quite disturbing]

Upon tidying my room, I found a
quite disturbing poem that I wrote
years ago.

[f.y.i back then the majority of people
that I knew called my photo]

Photo did something stupid,
Photo did something bad,
Photo did something and relapsed
Into old habit he had

Photo did something stupid
But Photo doesn’t care
It makes photo laugh
Cause everyone was there

Photo did something stupid,
Hidden by the clothes he wears,
Photo now hides these
It looks like he’s been attacked by a bear

Photo’s arm now stings
Yet he’s bound to do it again
But Photo don’t care about nothing no more
Doesn’t even care about the pain

Reading this actually makes me happy that
I got past it and have become a more rounded
person. Boom.

Protected: [i saw a photo today and felt pretty much nothing out of the ordinary]

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[something is not right with me]

[how was I supposed to know?]

I have realised, [through the
observations of others, not
my own] that I am without a
doubt [at times] considered
odd. Thing I do and opinions
I have, have recently sparked
a sort of filter in my mind as
to whether my thoughts are
considered ‘the norm’ by most
people. And [errrr] they’re not.

Although this spark of realisation
didn’t start at work, it’s as good
a place as any. At work it was
pointed out that when I stand
my arm sits funny [something
that is not only very camp but
had gone unnoticed by me all these
years]. Umm, what else was there,
oh yes one of my hands was
bigger than the other. And yesterday
everybody finally realised that
my eyes are a deep dark brown,
so much so that it has been said
[on more than a few occasions]
that I don’t have any pupils. Ah well.

But thats just the work lot, my
friends that have known me
longer and [ergo] have spent
more time around me have seen
a few more quirks. Which include
freaking out over little things
[they hid my rubber/eraser] and
not being able to leave things,
like for instance as a test my
keys were put on the floor and
I was told not to pick them up.

I didn’t last long.

What I have written above is
a rather brief account of my
personal oddities, but oh well.
Thing is, I am not going to
try to change because although
something is wrong with me,
doesn’t mean I’m broken…yet.