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[quite disturbing]

Upon tidying my room, I found a
quite disturbing poem that I wrote
years ago.

[f.y.i back then the majority of people
that I knew called my photo]

Photo did something stupid,
Photo did something bad,
Photo did something and relapsed
Into old habit he had

Photo did something stupid
But Photo doesn’t care
It makes photo laugh
Cause everyone was there

Photo did something stupid,
Hidden by the clothes he wears,
Photo now hides these
It looks like he’s been attacked by a bear

Photo’s arm now stings
Yet he’s bound to do it again
But Photo don’t care about nothing no more
Doesn’t even care about the pain

Reading this actually makes me happy that
I got past it and have become a more rounded
person. Boom.

[old love poem]

I’m in love with someone new
And I’m not sure what to do
Time is never on my side
And my good luck long ago said bye

But as she sits and we get close
There are things that I should know
Like how to take a chance
And say something real,
Like confessing how I feel

[this is one I found in a notepad
when I was clearing today]

[again not the best, but nice
enough to place here]