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[the art of conveying knowledge and experience]

It has often been said that you should listen to,
or at least consider the helpful words of advice
that have been put forward to you by friend and
family, and sometimes, even strangers that
seem to somehow be aware of your situation.

So why is it that people [and this includes me] tend
to pull a blank face whenever advice is given to them,
they usually thank the person but don’t actually do
what the person is suggesting. I draw on personal
experience for this particular one. When my good
friends Rick and Jason were helping me get over
somebody in my life.

They both had valid advice, they both knew
exactly how I felt and what i was going through,
as they had both been through it themselves,
yet in my mind, for them to know how I was feeling
was impossible. For someone else to be able to
go through what i was feeling. This makes me
sound incredibly self centred, but it was how I
felt at the time.

My friend Jason even said ‘All things have a sell by
date,especially good advice’. Or something along those
lines, still though, it’s true, the thing about advice is
that it’s one of those things that you think to yourself
you wish you did, like studying for that test you did
badly in, or practising your instrument just before
the big recital.

Even the advice that I give to people I expect
to be ignored. Its just how things are in the real
world, you will go through an ordeal in your life
[which could mainly be avoided be listening to
others] and you’ll feel the need to pass this knowledge
onto others. In an attempt to ease the frustration
of the other person, as they blankly stare back at

The other thing that I figured out that time when me
and my friend Rick where discussing life, and all the
things I could do with my time to get over the
aforementioned person in my life, whilst laying on
the garden floor staring at the stars.

Is that life is all about experience, people need to
ignore the advice of others. Without making their
own mistakes there is no way for you to pass on
your advice to somebody else.

In the end it seems, life is all about mistakes.

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[this was first placed on the livejournal
on the 22nd February 2008]

[blogging: in all it’s forms]

Now I have created this particular blog, as
a tool to improve on my writing and basically
be more creative with my use of the written

But it’s not just me out here, there are
millions of people all around the world,
writing in various ways on the internet.
Be it a personal journal on Livejounal,
a blog on Blogspot or Myspace or maybe
someone has created a dedicated website
to do with them or a facet of their life
that they hold dear to them.

This realisation in the many ways that
people all over the world express
themselves occurred when a friend of mine,
upon hearing of the blogs that I own,
for which there are a few, told me that
the internet is comprised of two percent
blogs, that means that of all the information
that the internet contains, including
practically the whole worlds knowledge, that
two percent are peoples views hopes and
feelings and although I couldn’t possibly
sit here and list the different types of
bloggers there are in the world, but I
have comprised a list of the ones I have
encounted most in my time.

You have the ‘Ambiguous’ blogger [or blog],
these bloggers have a whole lot to say
but fear direct confrontation. So, they
make it known in their blogs. So instead
of talking it out with the person they
will make remarks about them, that appear
open, but can usually be deciphered due
to the context of the text. I have to say
I have actually done this and left messages
in my blogs in the past wherein only one
or two people would understand the reference,
and other people would dismiss it.

Next, you have the ‘Diary’ type blog,
or the ‘Journal’. These blogs are kept
like a diary describing the writers day
in detail, so that they have a record of
their achievements and challenges, these type
of blogs are also a useful tool. Allowing
the writer able to remember mistakes in the past and
learn from them. the majority of these journals
are anonymous and are kept so that the writer
can express themselves in ways that they can’t
to their friends or family. In this instance
the blog then becomes a venting tool, and can
also become an extension of that persons personality.
This can be good, allowing the person to vent and
release any undue stress. But can also have a
bad side, making it hard for the person to confide
in the people around them, through fear of
a tough situation occurring.

Now this next type of blog, the ‘Event’ blog
is quite similar to the one described above.
Except an event blog focuses more on an event
that has happened, or will happen to the
writer. Like I said earlier this does border
on a diary entry but focuses on an event. As
opposed to the writers thoughts and feelings
concerning an entire day, also diary entries
tend to focus on the past, while event blogs
can go either way.

This next type of blog is used as a good tool
for creative inspiration. The ‘Fictional’ blog,
this could be mimicking a ‘Diary’ or ‘Event’
blog but be completely fictional, this helps
writers in building up character substance and
making the characters they create seem more
three dimensional as it were. I believe this
is how the book ‘Anonymous Lawyer’ by Jeremy
Blachman started out.

I have provided a link to the page for your
perusal, it’s quite intersting and well deserving
of a moment of your time


Not all blogs are serious, or used as personal
records for the writer. There are some blogs
that are written as a joke. These aptly named
‘Jokey’ blogs are written just cheer people up.
Be it family members, friends, co-workers or
anyone who you feel may eventually read it.
I have done this myself. In fact, at one point
I feel I have written.

You do get the ‘Useless’ blogs. That don’t
really have a purpose, but allow the writer
to write to an audience. This is where the
blog gains purpose not in the context or
content of the written material therein
but in the confidence it gives the writer.
They know that when they write, someone
will read it and at times respond. Allowing
the writer to be informed that their views
and opinions are well informed.

Like I said earlier. I am aware that there
are a wider and varied list of the types of blogs
that exist out there, because if blogs can
take up two percent of the internet, each
one written by someone different, all with
something to say [not including blogs that
are created but with nothing written in them].
Then a list made to cover all the possible
categories that can exist would be somewhat immense.

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