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[i’m only here to let the world know]

It has been too long since I last wrote a post on here. Actually
to be honest I think that I haven’t written a post in this whole
month and as for my
photoblog it’s been even longer. This
shall be rectified tonight.

What to discuss though? Well I’m about to do an epic post that
will cover several topics which could probably have been
covered over a set number of posts.

*To make it easier to read instead of every other paragraph being in bold
format I will alternate between blod and not bold per topic in this post as
opposed to every other paragraph. Here goes.

As always I have  a new book idea, I had done some pretty extensive
work on the one I was writing some time ago [
click here to see the
first chapter
] but never took any notes with all the adjustments I had
made. The version I was working on was a completely re-worked
version. Different story lines brewing, different characters and in
my opinion much better written than the previous framework that
I had put up. But alas, that version died along with the Mac that it
was on. Ah well.

I have been doodling a few new ideas and I thinking of basing the
beginning of the new book on the blog entry [
it all started with a
]. It seems like a good idea and it might work. I’m
probably never going to complete it. But my mind needs a focus
point and writing wise. This will be it  :]

Another writing outlet has been to keep my notepad up to date and
to start designing a magazine on InDesign. I was going to make a
magazine with photography and general bit’s and pieces and save
it as a PDF file and allow it for download from this site!

Aside from this I have been keeping my mind busy in other areas, for example,
the rest of my life. I have been drawing up a two year plan. One, that if followed
correctly, will set me on a course for the rest of my life. That’s right people I have
picked a career path that I want to undertake. I am not going to tell everyone
what it is. Only a few select people know what it is that I want to do, and I’m
comfortable with that. This plan is currently only part way complete. But I’m
confident in my ability not to fuck this up.

As some of you may know I love long journeys [providing I have a
book and my iPod]. And soon I’m about to embark on a set of
journeys which sees me doing about fourteen hours worth of
travel in three days. On this Thursday I will be travelling by bus
from Bangor to Aberystwyth for a night of drunken madness with
Stephanie Luff and Goog Hart. Getting drunk in a place I have never
been before is always a solid plan by the way.

Plus I like to see places I have never seen before. I am staying in
Aberystwyth overnight and in the morning catching a bus from
Aberystwyth to Cardiff the capital city of Wales to see my friend
Azita who I have featured on my
photoblog and of whom I’ve not
seen in ages. If you having trouble visualising this journey
I have included a map below.

As you can see, this isn’t a ‘small trip’ I am actually going from A to B
and Back Again. Meaning that I am going one one side of the country
to the other. The long way.

A is Bangor
B is Cardiff
And that little squiggly bit in the middle is Aberystwyth.

I should probably take two books, just in case.

Another thing that I mention in a previous post was the list of so many things
had to do before I died. This list isn’t complete but has already Sixty-One items
listed [if you would like to suggest an item to go on the list feel free]. Item
Twenty-Two was to visit a Zoo. As this was something that I had never done
before. So on the 25th Of February my friend Heather Torrance and I visited
the Colwyn Bay Zoo in Wales and it was awesome :] I really enjoyed it and I
took a photo [as this is one of the rules of the list ‘where possible retain
photographic proof’] So below is a photograph of the polaroid of Heather and I
with a Bear in the background [although hard to see, he is there, honest]

This photograph is taken in the same style as the Polaroid shot in the last
post. Mainly because I like to show the camera the photograph came from
and also because I really lack a scanner in Wales.

This was actually an awesome day. As well as seeing the Bears [yes, there
were two] I saw Camels, Penguins, Monkeys, Flamingos, Seals, Crocodiles,
Tigers, an Arctic Fox and all manner of animals that I had never actually
seen in real life.  Only in books or on television.

I’ve no idea why I had yet to visit a Zoo before that day. Then again I’ve
never been to an Ikea store yet either.

I hopefully should be getting visitors soon which will be
epic, as the last visitor I had [Andrew James Murrock]
I’m sure had an amazing time here :] plus I kind of enjoy
people visiting and me showing them around and what
not. I get to play host as well, which is a plus, haha.

The main reason that this post took forever to write was not it’s
length as this was written in one sitting [which I apologise if the
writing style is odd, but hey] was the fact that this is the 200th
post on this blog. THAT’S RIGHT THE 200TH!!!

Awesome yeah?

And as of writing this post this blog has had 13,094 views. So that’s
65.8 views for every post. That’s figure has been rounded down and
also doesn’t include this post as that wouldn’t make sense. I’m quite
surprised that I managed to keep this thing going. Even though there
were quite a few gaps.

Because this was the 200th post I didn’t want to write just
anything which meant that things kind of kept building up
and building up leading to this mega-post. Over 1000 words
as it seems. Oh, one more thing before I go, recently I have
started using my
Vimeo account alot more and posted these
videos on it. I have [hopefully] embedded three examples
below, hope you like.

Calm from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

For The Bird from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

Couldn’t Resist Recording The Escalator from Richard Anthony Morris on Vimeo.

Over And Out.

[don’t get offended if i seem absent minded]

For those of you who were wondering about the novel
[as I have received questions from about four people]
it stalled for a while. Which is totally my fault to be
honest. It’s because it’s part of my nature for some reason
to start things and not finish. I think photography was
the only hobby that actually stuck throughout my life.
Most others died pretty quickly.

I will be changing that though, this isn’t just a blog
saying how I failed and that’s it. No. This post is
basically to inform that I am going to now try even
harder. This novel WILL be completed there is no
doubt about that. I’m even more determined these days,
basically as I have nothing to do and have wasted days
recently. That isn’t a just a saying. I have actually been
wasting days. Oh well.

I’m going to Dublin in Ireland soon. Which should be
awesome. Been wanting to go there for a while and the
fact that the flight only cost £2 you cannot argue
with that.

I’m probably going to place another post up in a little
while, just for the fact that I’ve had an idea in my head
for a day or two now.

Ah well. Oh and I’ve also been thinking of doing a
video blog soon, which should be interesting. As I
have no idea what I ‘d be able to say in a video
blog that I couldn’t just write down. Any ideas?

Actually yeah. Any ideas??

That’s a thought. If there is anything that you would
want my to vlog on. Leave a comment :]

[i’m in love with your daughter, i wanna have her babies]

Because when I got in from work today I
was stupid enough to get comfortable on
my bed and fell asleep for several hours.

So this meant that I wasn’t able to sleep
last night which is annoying as I’m up now
and I need to be at work in less than two hours,
so I thought that I would write a blog entry,
it has been a while. Hasn’t it?

First off, in regards to the previous post, and
for those that don’t know I started writing
a book when I was really bored in the
departure lounge of an airport and recently
found it again and placed the first chapter
on wordpress as a blog [the aforementioned
‘previous’ blog] and it got generally good
feedback. Apart from a few grammatical
mistakes, it was all good. If you’ve not read
it, please do and comment. I sent a message
on Facebook to my favourite author Mike Gayle
and he like it. So that was awesome. Only
annoying thing is that the second chapter
is terrible in comparasion so that needs alot
of re-writing.

I went to Facedown on Friday. Which is a
once monthly club night held in Scala in
Kings Cross in London. And I don’t think that
I’ll be going again for some time. And this
isn’t because I had a terrible time. It’s because
it was probably one of the best nights out
I have had in a long time. And I don’t think
I need to go out for a while because of how great
that night was, other nights won’t really be
able to compare.

I may have a part-time job sorted for when I leave
Jessops in less than two weeks.

I got Regina Spektor’s new album [that’s what
the title is about] and it’s actually pretty good.
I’ve had a quick listen to La Roux’s album and
also the new album by Jack Penate. Definite
buy’s for when I get some more money

I may have an actual website soon, but it’ll most
likely be a link site for my flickr and this blog and
so forth. And there you go, a four hundred word catch
up blog on what I have been up to recently.

I didn’t sleep last night, this feels odd. Although
the Sunrise this morning probably worth it. But
now I look outside it seems to be raining.

[the first part to the book I may never complete]

Below I have put the first part to a book
that I started writing when I was in the
departure lounge of Gatwick airport. I
actually got so bored waiting for the plane
that I started to write a book.

Whether or not I’ll finish it is a completely
different matter. All comments, that
are of a constructive nature, are appreciated.
Well, here goes;


You can only watch time slipping away for so long. Mike said to himself whilst staring at the industry standard clock on the wall of his office directly above the elevators. That was two years ago, he was still watching that exact same clock.

[Chapter One: Mike]

The Internet is a marvelous thing, on your laptop screen you have access to pretty much all human knowledge to date that there is. But, sitting there in his southeast London home. If it was what you call a home, with a dilapidated couch being the most comfortable thing in the living room and a water system that would allow you to use only one tap at a time in the house. But despite all it’s faults Mike liked it. But on laptop, that gateway to a world of information mike was using this wealth of knowledge for it’s most basic of uses. Cheap flights, cheap hotels and customer reviews on pretty much every accessible country in the world. Needless to say he was on a mission.

Monday to Friday, nine to five, every week pretty much for the last six or seven years Mike had worked your basic city office job. Sometimes going days without knowing what he was meant to be doing or why he was even there. You can only watch the clock for so long. Mikes main task was to retype things that had already been typed be someone else but carefully selecting parts that the other departments need not know. A job he knew from the get go was pointless

“Why not just retype you damn letters” Her would sometimes mutter to himself. But alas he carried on because he had nothing else going on at the moment. All he had going for him was the relentless feeling that he had to get away from all this. But alas, he carried on.

So the following night when he got home after another mind-numbing day at work he sat down at his laptop and logged onto FLYMECASHLESS.COM. A website whose main objective was to get the cheapest possible flights to over forty European countries whilst costing you as little as possible.

For this adventure Mike decided he needed a wingwoman. So he grabbed his phone and decided that he should dial the only one of his friends that would possibly be up for an impromptu trip to any given European destination. Karen, the only person he knew who shared his thoughts toward “Why not” as opposed to “Why should I”

“Heya” Mike said as the phone stopped ringing. Actually not sure whether the call had been accepted or misplaced.

“You all right Mike? You sound a tad confused hun”

“Not confused at all dearest, I’m all good Karen. Nah, just calling to ask what you were up too for the next four or so days?”

“Nothing springs to mind, why do you ask?” She replied, Mike could hear a slight suspicion in her voice, so decided that it was best to get her over to his to explain his idea fully and to her face.

“Come round mine, your going to love this idea”

“Will I need a day bag?”

“Just come over, see you in a bit”

“Ok then”

And with that Mike put down the phone, allowing a little smile to himself that he had a partner in his abrupt and newfound sense of foolishness, an attitude that for one of the first times in years gave him the drive to actually DO something. And he loved it.

Mike and Karen had been friends for years and had more than their fair share of drunken close calls. But that was all behind them now. A feeling which left them both with the ability to get blond face drunk and not fear what will happen between them. And with the imminent arrival of his new travel buddy Mike decided to order a pizza.

But literally thirty seconds after he got off the phone from ordering the pizza he was already hungry for there was knock on the door.

“I must have been on the phone longer than I’d thought” But as Mike opened his front door he realized that there was something wrong. For one, Karen had miraculously turned into his cousin Robert and second, he was crying.


Well thats it :]

© Copyright Richard Anthony Morris 2009

[what to write…]

There are times [which recently
I’m finding is quite a bit of the time]
that I get the urge to write. But the
problem is that I have no idea what
to write about. Do I make up a short
story or write a piece on what I’ve
been up to recently. Maybe I’ll create
a good start for that novel I’ve been
wanting to write for quite a few months
now, but have never been quite sure how
to start. I did think of a good start a while
ago. But I saw practically the same starting
point in another book I had bought the other
day. Which was kind of annoying to tell the
truth. Oh well.

This whole ambition-without-result phase
that I’m currently going through with writing
also happens with drawing, but the
thing about drawing, when push comes
to shove and pen meets the paper I actually
cannot draw to save my life. I’ve never been
able to draw, the closest examples of what
could be called drawing are;

1] A birthday message i wrote on my
little brothers mirror.

2] Whilst I was bored at work I drew
what turned out to be man-sized puffins
getting married. A result of being on hold
for a good twenty minutes. [Which now adorns
my bedroom wall].

And now I have to write down all the lyrics
for [little green book]. A task I assure you
I have been putting off for some time.
Oh well, anyways, after I have done that
I am going to sit down and create a few
more beginning’s for my hopeful novel.