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[getting ready for the get gone]

Well it seems that the end for Bangor [in terms of
me being here] are looming ever closer. In just
over a week I’ll be leaving Bangor. Of course I’ll
return but it won’t be the same as I won’t be living

At the moment as I sit in my room that is looking a little
more bare than it did last week. And it makes me think
of Scrubs for some strange reason. In particular the last
episode of Season 8 when JD leaves Sacred Heart. And how
he was goping for the massive goodbye. Which as we know
in life, doesn’t happen.

So, I pack my things, the majority of my things
anyways. I didn’t pack my cameras away as I have a
feeling that I may need to use any of them at any
given time. Yes, I am that geeky. For further
evidence of this look below.

The Cameras That I Have Left Out Just In Case

I know, awesome right?

I don’t have much else to write except that my jaw hurts
if I open it too wide which makes yawning and eating
quite painfull but at least my feet have healed and I’m
able to walk around without feeling epic pain 🙂

Also, not having a job is really fucking boring.

[the coolest t-shirt I have ever owned]

I present to you, the offensive shirt.

[what I would have looked like as a chick]

These were made by my old flatmate Kate, the three chicks have been
made up to look like other people in the house [namely Rick Graham,
Alex Feery and myself].

I am on the left with a beard playing piano. Rick is in the centre  with emo hair and
a Guinness  under his wing and on the far right we have Alex. And although you
can’t see it he has got flesh tunnels taped on under his ears.

Found this photo recently and it made me giggle. So it’s on the blog.

I may start doing my posts like this just so’s I get into the habit of writing on here.

[thanks rick]

A while ago, whilst I was
still living in New Cross
my flatmate [and really good
friend] Rick Graham turned to
me [we were both rather drunk]
and said “I don’t believe they
could have said that to you,
if someone said that to me I
don’t know what I’d do”.

Now I don’t remember what I
said back, like I said, we were both
really drunk, but it just popped
back into my head after a
couple of months, and although
he’ll probably never read this,
just wanna say thanks man.

Because I was thinking about it
and the event in which he was talking about,
was by all accounts terrible, but as bad
as it was, it didn’t send me over the edge,
at all. In fact my reaction was quite benign,
because for some reason I just didn’t care.
Rick seem to care more than me, which was
quite funny.

I’m come a long way this year. I’m stronger
in mind and in spirit and I have been able
to deal with things that two years ago
would’ve definitely sent me over the
edge, I’m a lot happier and have a better
outlook on life in general. So…

Rick Graham Polaroid

Rick Graham Polaroid

Thanks Rick and go me, the new and improved
Richard =]

True Story.

[wake up princess]

Recently I have found that my
sleeping patterns have become
even more random, and although
this is by no means the first
time that this has come about,
it is my least productive.

Usually, and this is mainly when
I was younger and suffering from
not being able to sleep [I must
say that during this blog I’m
refusing to say that I suffer from
the ‘I’ word for lack of sleep] I
would read a book [or two] or
maybe. But recently I seem to
stare at the ceiling waiting to be
bored to fall asleep.

When I lived in New Cross I only
had about four or five [maybe
seven] nights where I didn’t sleep
and quite a few where I didn’t
sleep what are to be considered
normal hours, it was also about
that time that I was informed
that it isn’t normal for a person
to wake up every half hour or
so. Oh well.

But realising my lack of productivity
has made me realise that I’m
wasting time that I could be:

Sorting my CD’s
Reading my not yet finished novels
Making headway on my own novel
Sorting out the dates for my future photography jobs
Finishing my to-do lists
Writing more blogs

And if you hadn’t guessed,
yes, this blog is a declaration
of productivity, I need to
get things done and thing
is, i have the night, where most
people do not.

[quotes 1]

“I tried to make a game
out of it, but then realised
I didn’t have any rules yet”

Rick Graham
Amersham Arms, New Cross
May 2008