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Now I have to personally admit that
I send text messages quite alot [text
messages if you didn’t know are also
called SMS’s] and I find it useful for
having a conversation when I’m
busy doing something else.

But there is a slight piece of textual
etiquette that I dislike. it’s the three
dot system. When your having a
conversation with someone this
little example below may happen:

You: “You alright, how’s you? x”

Them: “I’m ok, I guess… x”

Now, this is what bugs me because
it’s really not needed. If you have
a tale that you want to tell then
tell it. You have this opportunity
when the first person [i.e me] texts

In the instance of the three dot
terror occurring to me, even by
those of whom I may already be
in a deep conversation with I
feel the strong urge to not indulge
them and not text back.

This occurs in text messages,
instant messages, email, it even
occurs in books and other print,
but thats the thing. The three dots
is made [in my opinion,
exclusively] for books and print.

It’s there to add suspense but in the
case of conversation, it just adds
unneeded time and needless responses
to something you could have mention

Although the three dot system can
be used for comedic effect. And in
my mind is not always associated
with things being drawn out. This can
be shown in the example I’ve shown
below [which is from a message today]

“Richard… camera … bluewater…
Do you know a girl steve?”

It’s a message I got from a friend I
haven’t seen in like over a year
I believe.

So, to summerise, the three dots
in a written message should only
be used for comedic effect or to
show a slight shock like that
previous message did.


In this new and digital age we are able to
[more easier than ever] decide who can
talk to us and when they can talk to us.

Mainly with Facebook and MSN as my
examples. I mean why is it so hard to
just tell people flat out that we don’t
want to talk to them?

Instead, we block them, or put them
on limited profiles, hoping, that they
don’t find out. Hoping that they don’t
go round a friends house and see the
version of MSN/facebook that we don’t
want them to see.

This has happened to a few friends of
mine and I myself have been on the
receiving end. I would be talking to
a friend and I would say:

“How often is she online these days?”

“Like all the time, why?”

“Haha, well she doesn’t show up
on mine?”


“Fuck it, lets get drunk”

[A little sidenote, alcohol solves all of
lifes problems, well mine anyways, I
don’t know how it works for the rest of

This little point recently hit home when I
logged onto MSN a few weeks ago and
there were 7 people online at the time.
Six were blocked and the other I really
wasn’t in the mood to talk to, but hey.

The point that I am trying to make
is although, being able to decide who
can talk to us at given time is no
doubt a great advantage in the short-term
scheme of things.

It does promote cowardice and the
inability to talk straight to people. This
isn’t a declaration about how I’m going
to unblock certain people. Cause in
all honesty I can’t be arsed. =]

[my internet]

it practically doesn’t work
allowing me to go onto a
website for a short while
then cutting out. Hardly
ever allowing me to on MSN
and the like.

But on the other side of this,
I have actually been able to
get more reading done, whoop!

And also writing in my notepads

[your not doing this alone]

I have realised, through slight
revision of past conversations
with a variety of people [whether
over the internet or conversations
face-to-face] that I have a habit
of trying to be there for people.

I mean I’ve always known this
but I never really knew the extent
until I took a few minutes to
reflect on what it is I do as a person
and how I will probably be remembered
by those around me [blog for the future].

Bad thing is though.
I try.
And at times I can
fail miserably.

This does not discourage me
however from wanting to help
where I feel I can. I find personal
comfort at times in being ‘that
guy’, the ‘shoulder to cry on’
because sitting there and just
listening [I have found] can
work way better than trying to
spew out random advice.

Problem with being ‘that guy’
is that you tend to focus on
keeping everyone else happy.
It’s pretty easy to forget about

Take it from someone who knows.

So if there are any of you
nice guys reading this, this
is my advice:

Take a little time [a few minutes
a day] to reflect on your own life.

Take a risk or two [or three], like
I commented in a previous blog,
they are totally worth it.

Find someone who wants to help
you. Because trust me, you need
help just like everyone else.

That’s all really, but seriously,
take the advice to heart.

[as strange as it may seem…]

Um, this is a strange one to
write because of the audience
this particular blog may or
may not have.

But it seems that in the last week
I have received apologies from
both of my ex-girlfriends, both
these apologies were on the
random, as in I was sitting there
are bang, there they were.

One was the other day via MSN,
and the latter just occurred via
text message, just now.

And although I know that this
blog was the direct cause for one
of these apologies, and I have the
feeling it may have just caused the
other apology as well. But of this
I’m not sure.

I have the next week off from
work, and I’ve got a feeling that
in this short amount of time, it may
unfold to reveal some more random
acts from people in my life.

Guess we’ll just wait and see

[thanks rick]

A while ago, whilst I was
still living in New Cross
my flatmate [and really good
friend] Rick Graham turned to
me [we were both rather drunk]
and said “I don’t believe they
could have said that to you,
if someone said that to me I
don’t know what I’d do”.

Now I don’t remember what I
said back, like I said, we were both
really drunk, but it just popped
back into my head after a
couple of months, and although
he’ll probably never read this,
just wanna say thanks man.

Because I was thinking about it
and the event in which he was talking about,
was by all accounts terrible, but as bad
as it was, it didn’t send me over the edge,
at all. In fact my reaction was quite benign,
because for some reason I just didn’t care.
Rick seem to care more than me, which was
quite funny.

I’m come a long way this year. I’m stronger
in mind and in spirit and I have been able
to deal with things that two years ago
would’ve definitely sent me over the
edge, I’m a lot happier and have a better
outlook on life in general. So…

Rick Graham Polaroid

Rick Graham Polaroid

Thanks Rick and go me, the new and improved
Richard =]

True Story.