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[number nine, with my head on the bar]

OK, now for the first time in a while
I’m actually worried, lol. It seems that
my band [if you can call it that], have
a gig. Tommorow.

And I found out about it this evening.
I have a 30-45 minute set. And pretty
much no plan. the gig is at about
8:30pm [GMT for anyone abroard reading]
and i’m at work till 5:30pm. Three
hours is all I have.

So tonight I have started writing the lyrics
in a book [which I was meant to do weeks
ago] oh well.

I’m going to see if i can get anyone to photo
the gig and hopefully got a few of the
photographs on here. This is my first gig
in front of the camera [as gig photography
is where I’ve spent most of my tiny photo
career]. And as well as being nervous I do
have to say I am really excited at the same

A link to the myspace:


[friend request would be nice]


witty closing

[Little Green Book] [lyric]

[From the song entitled ‘Norman’]

Never, ever,
Could I ask,
For anything,
But you.

No-one before,
Or after,
Has brought sunshine
to my life,
In the way, that you

For more songs like this
and mixture of a load of
other stuff go to:

[all stuff copyright 2008]

and for more info [even though
you should really find it on the
myspace, check the page on this
blog called ‘[little green book]’.

[proper blogs to come soon]

[a little extension] [addition really]

This is just a little added piece
to add to the last blog, now
as I said.

It’s strange to see something
that you wrote in the past
and realising that that person
is absolutely nothing like the
person you are today. And
also realising you couldn’t
be happier that this is the truth.

I just read a message that I
had sent to myself from my
personal myspace to the
[Little Green Book] myspace
and it had sat there unopened
[or not yet read, however you
want to phrase it] since it’s
sent date of the 18th November

The thing is hardly any mail
at all goes through this account
so I read it and I wish I could
meet myself two years ago
and make him see the life
he has now in comparison
to the life he had and he
would have probably been
alot happier and not so damn…
[searching for the right word]
…depressing little emo bastard
with little or no backbone!

[i feel the phrase best did it
rather than a single adjective].

[blogs, werd] [x]

I had to think for a while what this
blog could be about, I mean although
I have had an eventful week [being
kicked out of the girls toilets by a
bouncer, being one of them].

Theres not much to write about
that I could put easily into a couple
of hundred words. So I decided not
to blog and check out any updates
that may have occurred on the
music myspace for [Little Green Book].
And somehow [I’m not sure how] I
ended up on a list of old blogs for my
personal myspace.

Now the titles of my old blogs, had
little [or more likely] nothing to
do with the content and so I was
actually intrigued about what I had
written about and I was actually

They seem to reflect
the person I forgot I used to be
and at the same time it kinda
reminded me of the things that
I used to do and subsequently

I was going through random blogs
recently and found one that had
just one entry and posed the
question ‘why do you blog?’
so I answered:

I find that I give random life lessons
to my friends. And so I blog so that
I can actually document those little
lessons and so they can reach [and
hopefully help] a wider audience

I also put my thoughts, my
photography and stuff like that

But here’s the thing I’ve also
realised that I use my blogs
as a sort of diary, a way for me
to record whatever is going on
in the the world around me and
in my head.

Because after reading
my old blogs and examining myself
as a person I’m actually proud
of the things I have achieved.

[what to write…]

There are times [which recently
I’m finding is quite a bit of the time]
that I get the urge to write. But the
problem is that I have no idea what
to write about. Do I make up a short
story or write a piece on what I’ve
been up to recently. Maybe I’ll create
a good start for that novel I’ve been
wanting to write for quite a few months
now, but have never been quite sure how
to start. I did think of a good start a while
ago. But I saw practically the same starting
point in another book I had bought the other
day. Which was kind of annoying to tell the
truth. Oh well.

This whole ambition-without-result phase
that I’m currently going through with writing
also happens with drawing, but the
thing about drawing, when push comes
to shove and pen meets the paper I actually
cannot draw to save my life. I’ve never been
able to draw, the closest examples of what
could be called drawing are;

1] A birthday message i wrote on my
little brothers mirror.

2] Whilst I was bored at work I drew
what turned out to be man-sized puffins
getting married. A result of being on hold
for a good twenty minutes. [Which now adorns
my bedroom wall].

And now I have to write down all the lyrics
for [little green book]. A task I assure you
I have been putting off for some time.
Oh well, anyways, after I have done that
I am going to sit down and create a few
more beginning’s for my hopeful novel.