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[if you would like to listen to my band]

A polaroid portrait of Ray Morris

Ray of Little Green Book

I have mentioned Little Green Book on this blog quite a bit,
and I’m going to mention them again. Little Green Book is
the combination of my little brothers insane musical talent
and my ability to ad lib. All the songs are recorded once
and done with it. Most [if not all] of the songs are made up
on the spot, the only exceptions are those which no-one
has ever heard.

If you click the top photograph you will get
directed to the new soundcloud account with
some of the songs on and if you click on the one
on the bottom you will be directed to the
myspace account.

When I move back home I will hopefully be able to get some
new stuff together if me and my little brother can find the
time and if I can find something worth singing about. I’ve kind
of lacking in the inspiration department recently.

There is also the chance of drums being added
to the band. But that’s another blog for another

Our one and only gig to date.

[in issue with swine flu]

Last weekend my little brother came home
from staying at his friends house for a week
and they were both complaining of being ill
and having the same symptoms as each other.

So all they did was have a Lemsip* or two and a
few days later my little brother was fine, while
his friend was still feeling under the weather.
So his friend [who is called Dave and thats how
I’m gonna write it from now on] went to the doctor
and the doctor basically said that his body was in
the last stages of getting rid of the swine flu virus.

So that basically means that my little brother
had swine flu as well. And to verify this they
re-checked their symptoms to the official online
guide and yes it confirmed that they both had
the swine flu virus.

[swine flu is the issue at the moment with alot
of the international press and also television
and the internet as well. The latest scare as it

This made me laugh when he told me, because it is
so typical of me and my family. If we get ill 99% of
the time we’ll brave it out and wait till we get better.
Or in the EXTREME cases we’ll take a paracetamol.

My little brother had swine flu and his cure
was Lemsip*
. Haha, that is amazing to me.

Chances are I might get it because I shared the same
room as him during the worst of it. But my immune
system is awesome so I doubt I’ll get ill from it.

Oh and those of you who were wondering to
the best of my knowledge Dave is recovering

*for those of you who don’t know, Lemsip is a powder
which when added to hot water makes a lemon
flavoured drink. It also contains paracetamol as well.

[note to self]

I was going through the guardian’s website
randomly looking up articles. Much like I
do on Wikipedia, I read one thing then tend
to follow a link on a related subject and I
can fall into this endless quest for knowledge
for about two or three hours. It’s a bad habit
and I should be reading my backlog of books,
but, I’m finding it fun these days to read up
on things that surprisingly interest me.

Anyways, whilst looking I came across an
article based around an older article by
Stephen Fry [who is, by all accounts, a
bit of a god]. In the article he basically
wrote a letter to his sixteen year old self.

It’s a lovely article and I really think you
should read it. If you want too click [here]
and if you want to read the original article
click [here]. What I though I would do
would be to write a letter to my eighteen
year old self.

Heya Rich,

Now I know your not a big fan of being called
Rich over Richard, but trust me, it’s one of
the meeker things that change in your life
over the next three or so years. A big one
would be that that bad habit you kind of
started yesterday, comes back stronger and
its gets much worse, but it does go away, trust
me. And you learn how to  deal with things
better. It takes a long time and a major ordeal
with a loved one, but it goes away. I’m not going
to lie, you will think about it alot, you learn
to deal, trust me.

Your little bro, finally starts to take an interest
in music and you and him start a little band
together like Jackie and Keith always said you
should. You do the vocals whilst he plays and
to date, you’ve made a handfull of songs which
you can be proud of. And you’ve received a few
nice comments along the way.

You actually are what can be considered a heavy
drinker these days. You kinda drift in and out of
it from time to time. So look out for that and don’t
take it too far.

You still practice photography, but in my mind
thats all we do, practice. There have been a few
weddings, ALOT of gigs and some parties. You’ll
find that that habit of being able to get along with
anyone works amazingly. Never lose that. Ever.

If I could ask you to do one thing, thats to try hard
at college. I’m not saying that you will be unhappy
in three or so years, but you will wonder from time
to time. So concentrate and get it done, and most
importantly get it done well. Theres not much else to
say to you really, you will have some amazing
experiences and obviously ones that are so terrible that
all you can do is take lessons from them.

Thats it, done. Blah.

[quotes | little boy ray]

Whilst playing an impromptu game
of Harvest Moon on the GameCube

“I well just caught a rare fish”
Ray Morris, 2008

No idea why this was so funny at
the time, shits and giggles I guess.

[little boy ray]