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[constans cacosomnia]

Now when I was informed that I would be
being made redundant. A few thoughts
crossed my mind. The obvious being that
it kinda sucks but another thought was that
my days would switch around again.

To put in basic terms, when I have no reason
to get up at a particular time, then the same
reasoning says that I don’t have to go to sleep
at a particular [or any] time. Which has now
resulted in my days becoming my nights
and my nights becoming my days. I go to
sleep at 6:00am and wake up at 3:00pm.

Now, it has it’s uses, as I find that I am
more productive at night. I’ve been reading
more and getting my bedroom wall covered
in photographs of friends and family. Past
and present. It’s nice.

But the trouble comes when I do need
to awake at a socially acceptable hour. Like
I have to on Wednesday. And I need to reverse
the affect on my internal body clock.

This is done by staying up all thorough one
night and only going to sleep at about 6:00pm
that day before you have to be anywhere. The
body [my body that is] generally sorts itself
out after that, and everything is OK. Except
that it is so much effort I might just risk
oversleeping to be honest.

The title of this blog, in case you were wondering
is Latin. And it roughly translates into ‘constant
sleeplessness. Quite fitting I felt.

[today] [06|08|2008]

[today i haven’t slept]

[today I will sleep on the bus]

[today I will have to go past there]

[today I have to go back there]

[today I will party]

[today I will drink]

[today won’t end for a while]

[today will end strangely]

[today, I have a choice]

[today, the d[evil] and g[o]od are
raging inside of me]

[so here we are again]

[wake up princess]

Recently I have found that my
sleeping patterns have become
even more random, and although
this is by no means the first
time that this has come about,
it is my least productive.

Usually, and this is mainly when
I was younger and suffering from
not being able to sleep [I must
say that during this blog I’m
refusing to say that I suffer from
the ‘I’ word for lack of sleep] I
would read a book [or two] or
maybe. But recently I seem to
stare at the ceiling waiting to be
bored to fall asleep.

When I lived in New Cross I only
had about four or five [maybe
seven] nights where I didn’t sleep
and quite a few where I didn’t
sleep what are to be considered
normal hours, it was also about
that time that I was informed
that it isn’t normal for a person
to wake up every half hour or
so. Oh well.

But realising my lack of productivity
has made me realise that I’m
wasting time that I could be:

Sorting my CD’s
Reading my not yet finished novels
Making headway on my own novel
Sorting out the dates for my future photography jobs
Finishing my to-do lists
Writing more blogs

And if you hadn’t guessed,
yes, this blog is a declaration
of productivity, I need to
get things done and thing
is, i have the night, where most
people do not.