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[one year of squarebrackets, who’d have thought it?]

The first post was placed on this site on the 2nd of
August 2008. So I’m a little late but I only realised
today. So yeah, a whole year. I’m probably as
surprised as you. Because I usually abandon stuff
like this a long time ago.

For the next few days [Saturday, Sunday, and Monday]
I’m going to be in Dublin in Ireland. Should be fun. So
I’ve placed a wordpress style wrap-up but for the entire
year. Using stats and the like. Enjoy

Here are the stats for the 2nd August 2008 to the 7th August 2009 stats:

    • 2 blogs were created.
    • 161 posts were published.
    • 270 comments. Alot of this is due to yourownpersonalmonster [click the link].
    • 7,780 pageviews on squarebrackets.wordpress.com.
    • The most amount of views in a month occurred in May 2009 with 839 views. With July 2009 coming a close second with 834 views.
    • In 2008 this blog received 2,830 views and so far in 2009 it has received 4,950 views.
    • The average view per day in 2008 was 19.
    • The average view per day so far in 2009 is 23.

      • 15 Categories.
      • 4 Pages.
      • 25 Drafts [alot of these are rubbish and will never see the light of day].
      • The most popular search term to reach this blog is ‘Polaroid’ which is responsible for 1,019 views.
      • The most viewed page or post is the ‘[about me’ page which has received 324 views.
      • And the biggest referrer to this blog is the WordPress Dashboard.

    And there you go. A whole year of views and comments reduced
    to numbers. That isn’t to say I haven’t appreciated all your
    comments for I have recieced for I have. And I love the fact that
    people actually reead all the random things that I have to say.

    As you saw on that list of statistics I have created two blogs.
    The other blog is realatively quite new with only one post on
    it at the moment [although it has about ten drafts, all of
    which will be made into posts]. It was made for the express
    purpose of display my photography. the link is below:


    Lets hope that I keep that one up [and this one] for another year.
    Thanks, and keep reading!

    I still don’t believe that I’ve had this and kept it active for
    a year.

    [what you could have done]

    Standing at work.



    “How much did you holiday
    cost you?”

    “Um, flights, hotel and what not,
    about £171”

    “Wow, think what you could have
    done with that money?”

    “Yeah, I did it”


    Coversation between me and my boss.
    [My part of the conversation in bold]

    Jessops Bluewater
    19th January 2009

    [yeah, i did it]

    As you may note, recently I wrote a blog
    [see blog entitled: mini trips and
    notepads] I wanted to see more places,
    places I had yet to see.

    Well I did it =]

    I got a ticket on Monday night and on
    Tuesday morning I was on a flight, yeah,
    thats right.

    This flight took me 711.37 Miles [thats
    1144.82 Kilometres] to Oslo a city in
    Norway. It was awesome and the fact
    it was all last minute made it all the
    better. I went with my best friend

    We came back Wednesday night and
    actually managed to make friends
    with an Australian man who was on a
    tour of Europe and was heading to

    All in all I’m happy that I did it
    and also I took my along the first
    35mm camera that I ever had. An
    Olympus Trip 35. Its actually one
    of the most fun cameras I have to
    use. But in this blog I have only
    included one digital shot that
    I took with my IXUS 70 out of the
    plane window.



    [funny thing was I didn’t actually
    tell my mum where I was going
    just left in the morning. When I
    got back late on Wednesday, she
    just laughed and said “Norway?”
    and I smiled and said “Yep”]

    [thats how cool my mum is]