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[moments of happiness] [not finished]

I’ve drifted off in your arms
Many a time
The safety and warmth
Knowing that these arms are mine

Your head inside books
To help with your art
My restfull head laying
Inches from your heart

[not sure how to finish this so
I’m just gonna leave it]

[it’s hope, the endurance of faith]

[Everything I said was true,
Except about how I felt for you,
Because that gets stronger everyday.]

[Love for me can be a lie,
But I know that ours will never die,
And that’s all I have to say.]

[So from here on in I’ll tell the truth,
That being the least I owe to you,
My love, the one who stays,
But always knowing you’ll leave someday]


[lets find love and do something
crazy together, and when we’ve
seen the world and all it has to
offer, we’ll stop, and that’s where
we’ll stay forever]

[that’s where we’ll stay forever]

[poem] [05:29]

I was hiding,
But again you found me.
As I was laying there drowsy.

Me and you have been close before.
I thought I knew you,
but you were something more.
I was in love with the idea of love,
Now With my heart no longer on the floor.

So love,
again you have found me,
and again I must must fall for your
every wish,
Because without you,
life is scary and grey,
How long could I have lasted like this.
I’ll call her to let her know I’m ok.

[wow, thats actually pretty bad, oh well
if you didn’t get it, it’s basically someone
hiding from love]

[guess I can’t write them anymore] [05:31]

[never having the right words]

I never know the right words to say,
I’m a guy,
I guess I was wired wrong that way.
But as the moment arrives,
And the tears on your face are yet to dry,
I open my arms and let you in.
Because it’s all I know to do,
When my words seem to fail me.

[short poem, it’s been a while and
I’m slightly rusty, but given time,
and a few more tries, I should be
able to create like I used too]