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[one year of squarebrackets, who’d have thought it?]

The first post was placed on this site on the 2nd of
August 2008. So I’m a little late but I only realised
today. So yeah, a whole year. I’m probably as
surprised as you. Because I usually abandon stuff
like this a long time ago.

For the next few days [Saturday, Sunday, and Monday]
I’m going to be in Dublin in Ireland. Should be fun. So
I’ve placed a wordpress style wrap-up but for the entire
year. Using stats and the like. Enjoy

Here are the stats for the 2nd August 2008 to the 7th August 2009 stats:

    • 2 blogs were created.
    • 161 posts were published.
    • 270 comments. Alot of this is due to yourownpersonalmonster [click the link].
    • 7,780 pageviews on squarebrackets.wordpress.com.
    • The most amount of views in a month occurred in May 2009 with 839 views. With July 2009 coming a close second with 834 views.
    • In 2008 this blog received 2,830 views and so far in 2009 it has received 4,950 views.
    • The average view per day in 2008 was 19.
    • The average view per day so far in 2009 is 23.

      • 15 Categories.
      • 4 Pages.
      • 25 Drafts [alot of these are rubbish and will never see the light of day].
      • The most popular search term to reach this blog is ‘Polaroid’ which is responsible for 1,019 views.
      • The most viewed page or post is the ‘[about me’ page which has received 324 views.
      • And the biggest referrer to this blog is the WordPress Dashboard.

    And there you go. A whole year of views and comments reduced
    to numbers. That isn’t to say I haven’t appreciated all your
    comments for I have recieced for I have. And I love the fact that
    people actually reead all the random things that I have to say.

    As you saw on that list of statistics I have created two blogs.
    The other blog is realatively quite new with only one post on
    it at the moment [although it has about ten drafts, all of
    which will be made into posts]. It was made for the express
    purpose of display my photography. the link is below:


    Lets hope that I keep that one up [and this one] for another year.
    Thanks, and keep reading!

    I still don’t believe that I’ve had this and kept it active for
    a year.

    [jesus christ thats a pretty face]

    First off,

    Happy Birthday Andrew

    [otherwise known as
    [I’ll probably see you before you
    read this anyways]

    This week has actually been pretty
    decent. Celebrated three birthdays,
    played a gig, rested up, went out
    for the majority of the nights and
    had constant good times.

    Oh and realised I suck at bowling.

    I find it increasingly hard to
    summise these days for some
    reason. Probably because I am
    fully aware of how I can waffle
    on. Lets just say this, for the
    most part, life is good.

    Can’t really ask for more than

    [I’ve actually realised that this
    is quite a short blog, hmmm]

    [remember the awesome times] [3]

    Yeah, that’s right, another one photo blog.
    I stumbled across this photo and realised
    that there are actually a few photographs
    that I seem to take from one computer
    to another.

    Basically I was in the pub with my friend Holly.
    And armed with polaroids, notepads and
    camera phones. And managed to create a
    great array of photographs. =]

    Gotta love camera phones.

    [old emails]

    I was looking at my emails, not
    sure why, except that I rediscovered
    a folder that I had long forgotten.

    This folder [which was next to
    my receipt folder] is labeled
    personal. Contained e-mails
    that [to be honest] I had actually
    forgot about.

    It held some emails that I was
    sure that I had accidentally deleted.

    There was one from my friend
    who helped me through alot of
    situations and also an obscure
    french email which took me ages
    to translate [I was never good with
    other languages] and looking through
    these old emails, I smile, not a brazen
    cheek to cheek smile, but it’s there.

    Because looking at these long forgotten
    messages made me realise why people
    keep diaries, why people keep postcards
    and old letters in boxes under their beds.

    It’s so that one day when you come across
    them again, you can take in that moment,
    which, had it not been for the e-mail,
    diary, postcards or letters, would have
    been lost amongst all the things that
    go on in our heads given all the things
    that happen in daily life.

    Think I’m going to send some more
    postcards and letters. I’d like to be
    the reason behind some of those


    [little boy ray]