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[the first part to the book I may never complete]

Below I have put the first part to a book
that I started writing when I was in the
departure lounge of Gatwick airport. I
actually got so bored waiting for the plane
that I started to write a book.

Whether or not I’ll finish it is a completely
different matter. All comments, that
are of a constructive nature, are appreciated.
Well, here goes;


You can only watch time slipping away for so long. Mike said to himself whilst staring at the industry standard clock on the wall of his office directly above the elevators. That was two years ago, he was still watching that exact same clock.

[Chapter One: Mike]

The Internet is a marvelous thing, on your laptop screen you have access to pretty much all human knowledge to date that there is. But, sitting there in his southeast London home. If it was what you call a home, with a dilapidated couch being the most comfortable thing in the living room and a water system that would allow you to use only one tap at a time in the house. But despite all it’s faults Mike liked it. But on laptop, that gateway to a world of information mike was using this wealth of knowledge for it’s most basic of uses. Cheap flights, cheap hotels and customer reviews on pretty much every accessible country in the world. Needless to say he was on a mission.

Monday to Friday, nine to five, every week pretty much for the last six or seven years Mike had worked your basic city office job. Sometimes going days without knowing what he was meant to be doing or why he was even there. You can only watch the clock for so long. Mikes main task was to retype things that had already been typed be someone else but carefully selecting parts that the other departments need not know. A job he knew from the get go was pointless

“Why not just retype you damn letters” Her would sometimes mutter to himself. But alas he carried on because he had nothing else going on at the moment. All he had going for him was the relentless feeling that he had to get away from all this. But alas, he carried on.

So the following night when he got home after another mind-numbing day at work he sat down at his laptop and logged onto FLYMECASHLESS.COM. A website whose main objective was to get the cheapest possible flights to over forty European countries whilst costing you as little as possible.

For this adventure Mike decided he needed a wingwoman. So he grabbed his phone and decided that he should dial the only one of his friends that would possibly be up for an impromptu trip to any given European destination. Karen, the only person he knew who shared his thoughts toward “Why not” as opposed to “Why should I”

“Heya” Mike said as the phone stopped ringing. Actually not sure whether the call had been accepted or misplaced.

“You all right Mike? You sound a tad confused hun”

“Not confused at all dearest, I’m all good Karen. Nah, just calling to ask what you were up too for the next four or so days?”

“Nothing springs to mind, why do you ask?” She replied, Mike could hear a slight suspicion in her voice, so decided that it was best to get her over to his to explain his idea fully and to her face.

“Come round mine, your going to love this idea”

“Will I need a day bag?”

“Just come over, see you in a bit”

“Ok then”

And with that Mike put down the phone, allowing a little smile to himself that he had a partner in his abrupt and newfound sense of foolishness, an attitude that for one of the first times in years gave him the drive to actually DO something. And he loved it.

Mike and Karen had been friends for years and had more than their fair share of drunken close calls. But that was all behind them now. A feeling which left them both with the ability to get blond face drunk and not fear what will happen between them. And with the imminent arrival of his new travel buddy Mike decided to order a pizza.

But literally thirty seconds after he got off the phone from ordering the pizza he was already hungry for there was knock on the door.

“I must have been on the phone longer than I’d thought” But as Mike opened his front door he realized that there was something wrong. For one, Karen had miraculously turned into his cousin Robert and second, he was crying.


Well thats it :]

© Copyright Richard Anthony Morris 2009

[the old yellow rolls royce]

I love travelling, have done so my entire
life. As a kid, I remember mum taking
me and my little brother for long drives.
We didn’t even have a real destination.
We just drove.

And this love grew, the whole experience
of seeing somewhere or something that
I hadn’t before excites more than most
things these days.

I think it’s in my blood. I mean my my
mum and dad moved to England from
Barbados. Which makes me British but
of Caribbean descent. Or on most forms,
Black Other.

My sister moved away also, she now works
on a cruise ship and goes all around the

The family curse as we sometimes refer
to it. An inside family joke as it were.
So, I’m next. And I’ve been doing it.

In November last year me and my
friend Tommi went to Norway, it was
awesome. It wasn’t that planned. I
didn’t even book time off work, but,
did it on the two days I had off.

So Tommi and I went to Oslo [Norway],
which like I said, was awesome. And me
and Tommi decided that we had to see
the world.

And so this month was the time for
the adventure. Although this was to
be done by myself [because Tommi
couldn’t make it this time]. This time
I went to Italy [Pisa to be exact]. The
reason for this is that I had been
wanting to go there fro some time.

Travelling on my own was a strange
experience, I mean really. There actually
used to be a time where I wouldn’t go up
to London by myself. And here I was, in
a foreign country where I spoke close
to none of the language. At first scary,
but you nkow what being by myself wasn’t
too bad. It gave me time I don’t usually

Like, for instance, I started writing a short
story whilst waiting in the departure lounge
of Gatwick Airport and in the Airport in Pisa.
But I’ve got a feeling that this story won’t
get finished.

I may get one of those european train tickets.
And by may, I mean to say if the summer
road-trip doesn’t happen. I will.

Next month and the month after that promise
to be interesting in terms of travelling. I say
this now, I need to see the world. Alone if I
have to, but I will see it.


[has photos of Italy and Norway and alot of other
stuff in all honesty]


[the train ticket I mentioned]