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About two or three months ago whilst perusing the
overlooked boxes of the local charity I came across
a great little camera. A Polaroid Supercolour 635.
Basically a polaroid camera that takes the standard
600 film. Just in case you were unaware I had broken
my other Polaroid camera. [we dont talk about it]

So obviously I bought it. For about £3. Love it.

But I had to wait till I visited home earlier this
month because I hadn’t packed the film with me
and it is increasingly hard to get these days. So
whilst I was back I put some into my bag [to be
honest I should blog on my time back, oh well].

So, I had ten photographs left. I had the first one taken
whilst Andrew and I were in the Storm FM studio.
The second I took on Bangor Pier. And the third….

When you only have ten photos left in a camera
and with no idea where your next lot is coming
from or indeed if that next lot will ever come
about. You make sure the photos are worthwhile.

[fun with polaroids of people who are amazing]
Alt Titles:
[you’re so cool I’d waste a polaroid on you]
[you’re so cool, I’d actually waste a polaroid just have you in it]

[one portrait blog]


So here we have on of my traditional one photo

It’s been a while since I put up any of my
photography onto the blog, so I thought
I would put up a photo that I was about to
pop  onto flickr.

This is a portrait of my friend Holly Defroand
and was taken on the South Bank, London.
It was taken on FP-100 film on my new camera
which is a Polaroid 600SE. My new favourite
camera and with results like this you can see
why :]

I haven’t really got anything to blog on but
I’ll see if I can’t think of something to write
about later.

[cancel the thing that i say i do]

My ability to take a good photo seems
to have been fading. I realised this a
while ago and this was also coupled
with the realisation that I could do better
artwork [photography/poetry/etc].

I have decided that now is the time to
expand. Obviously not physically, but
instead, artistically.

I found my first SLR which I am
actually sad to say was in the
cupboard with the rest of my cameras.
It’s a Pentax K1000 35mm SLR Film
Camera .

[and thanks to a generous customer
from some time ago, I now have
more film than I can use] [About
18 rolls].

I’m going to carry my Pentax around
everywhere like I used too [obviously
not to the gig on Friday, that’d be
strange] [actually I might].

So heres to a new sideline project,
to respark my talent [I know that’s
big-headed but other people have
said it too me].

[I’m also going to be trying to do some
polaroid photograms tomorrow at work].
[Hoping they go well].

As well as that, I am going to use
my notepad at least twice a day, as
opposed to just having it in my bag.
Which is a problem, but hey, I’m working
on it.