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[first time feeling it]

Ok, regular readers of this blog [or if you know me] know that
I have recently moved to Wales from my home in south east
England and this is quite a distance.

251 miles [according to google maps]

Now this isn’t the first time I’ve moved away from home, but
it is by far the furthest distance away. And don’t get me wrong
I am actually constantly enjoying myself here. But for the first
time in my life on Sunday I felt homesick , which was odd,
because being totally honest I’ve never felt that before because
I’ve never really been more than an hour away.

Now was it a family member? Nope. Was it the fact that it was
my mums birthday and I wan’t there? Nope. Was it the fact that
I missed my little brothers first gig with his new band? Nope.
The thing that made me feel homesick was that for the first
time I actually felt missed, and it was communicated through
a simple facebook status update by a friend of mine


Now this isn’t to say that I don’t miss my family because I do, but I
dunno that one kinda got to me, oh well. Oh and S.C.B is Super
Chocolate Bear, a nickname Andrew gave me because he is a big
scrubs fan.

Oh and on a random thing, my hair style at the moment is the best I think
I’ve ever had it, it’s platted at the tip and shaved at the sides, really like it.

Also, think I’m gonna drag random people to Wales. Yepyep

[sensible heart]

It amazes me [and aggravates me
at the same time] at how we can
pretty much control everything
in the world and it seems so easy.
But some reason, control seems
impossible when it concerns feelings
[and/or emotions].

This is especially true when these
feeling concern those around us.
And because of this we do
things we regret, we say
things we wish we hadn’t.
But heres the thing about regret,
it’s experience.

Absolution, let’s say, on the
thing, that constant thing
[feeling or person] that for the
past few days, weeks, months
[whatever], you have left
unsaid, you now know for

And at some level alot of people
wish they could give into regret,
because to do that, takes quite
a bit of courage.