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[not so appetising]

Today I had a walk into town and found that I had found myself
outside of the main window for the Marks & Spencer store in
Bangor and as I looked at the photos they had on the exterior of
the shop for there food and to be honest none of it looked appetising.

And that got me to thinking. My attitude to food has changed quite a bit.
I used to knowingly gorge on food, just because I could. But because if
the rules that I’m now living by [which were mentioned in a previous
post] I’m eating better and always eating crappy fast food.

And also it has got me cooking more, which is fun. Below I have included
two pictures. The top one is of the Marks & Spencer window and the other
is the meal I cooked for my friend Vicki and I. Yesterday was an epic day.
Cooked for a friend, had a  massive walk, played some frisbee and some
basketball and worked and one of the best jobs I have ever had. ilovelife.


[today was a good day]

Yeah, it was, not only because
of the nice people I met at work
today disguised as customers. But
more importantly than this, today,
as what is becoming the new standard
I walked home from work and ate healthily
at lunchtime, walking home allowed me
to take a little detour and end up at
ASDA with the intention of cooking

Whilst down there I saw my old
childminders from when I was a kid
[quite obviously] and had a chat with
them, which was awesome. I was always
afraid I’d let them down with the whole
‘not-going-to-uni’ situation, but they
didn’t bring it up, but were happy to
hear that my photography career seems
to be kicking off.

In case you were wondering, I bought pasta,
turkey and two different sauces and I’m
gonna cook them for me and mum, once
I finish this blog. I like cooking and I’m
good at it, hence why I only cook on the

And as well as being more than two
thirds through my book in two sittings
I have also gone and got myself a
flickr account, which at the mo
only has a few polaroid in it. Which
Are already on this blog, but hey.

I’m gonna go cook now, but,
yes, it was a good day.