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[don’t get offended if i seem absent minded]

For those of you who were wondering about the novel
[as I have received questions from about four people]
it stalled for a while. Which is totally my fault to be
honest. It’s because it’s part of my nature for some reason
to start things and not finish. I think photography was
the only hobby that actually stuck throughout my life.
Most others died pretty quickly.

I will be changing that though, this isn’t just a blog
saying how I failed and that’s it. No. This post is
basically to inform that I am going to now try even
harder. This novel WILL be completed there is no
doubt about that. I’m even more determined these days,
basically as I have nothing to do and have wasted days
recently. That isn’t a just a saying. I have actually been
wasting days. Oh well.

I’m going to Dublin in Ireland soon. Which should be
awesome. Been wanting to go there for a while and the
fact that the flight only cost £2 you cannot argue
with that.

I’m probably going to place another post up in a little
while, just for the fact that I’ve had an idea in my head
for a day or two now.

Ah well. Oh and I’ve also been thinking of doing a
video blog soon, which should be interesting. As I
have no idea what I ‘d be able to say in a video
blog that I couldn’t just write down. Any ideas?

Actually yeah. Any ideas??

That’s a thought. If there is anything that you would
want my to vlog on. Leave a comment :]

[nice to be commented]

Recently wordpress placed a
blog online, which was a movie
displaying the changes that will
soon befall this blogging system
that I and so many others used.

[to view this blog click here]

I watched the video and was quite
impressed. They took a system I
could honestly find no fault with
and made it better.

So I commented this blog, saying;

[this is awesome]
[like seriously]

Not my most eloquent of responses,
but it did look good. So with that all
done i went about doing what I do
best. Wasting time. And then some
time later I received a comment on
my [about me] page.

[i’m not going to link you because it
is directly above this page]

And this said;

hoh said 1 day ago:

{yr a clever lad!}
[link from wp announcment re preview to upcoming upgrade]
all the best
cape town


So I replied saying thank you for the
comment and why did they think I
was a clever lad and their response was

squarebrackets on November 8, 2008 said:

Heya, thanks for commenting
on my blog

But why did you think I was
a clever lad may I ask?


hoh says:

when scrolling down all the comments on the new version of WP preview,
your comment stood out for originality as does your avitar
– you think outside the box – you aren’t a sheep – you are an original visual thinker
this means you are a person that can help people see the world differently!
get them to see beyond/outside the box – hopefully so they become more tolerant – peace promoting value creating……
you’re a non conformist which is a marvellous thing in my book!
it’s the non conformists generally that have taught me the most
oh and
non conformists generally know who they are and don’t care what others think of them especially strangers
[just make sure you’re a constructive one please!]

lol, heres the original blog
if you don’t believe me


[relationships at their most basic level]

As I got the B bus home from Bluewater
today, I cracked it. I was actually able
to describe relationships at their most
basic level [or at least attempt to].

Now i would like to say, this actually
wasn’t on my mind until I cracked it.
I was actually thinking of getting home
and enjoying my Cesear Salad [Thank
You Andrew] and as I sat down, it
just popped in there.

[I’d also like to say I am not an expert,
not in the slightest, I’m just a guy with
an opinion, and a place to air said opinion]

[namely here]

So, relationships.

Like I said before I think I figured out
what they are all about and what
drives them.

It’s comfort.

When you think of a relationship that
may happen or a happy one that you
are in. Along with the happiness don’t
you feel a massive sense of comfortability
with regards to that other person?

Oh well, those are my thoughts, which
remember formed when i sat down on
a bus. But think about it, you think
of five or so happy relationships that
you are aware of, the most common
denominator to those five or so
relationships is comfort. And possibly
reliability, but mostly comfort.

To note:
This wasn’t ever going to be a massive
blog, trying to keep the ramblings on
this one to a minimum.

But if you have any views on what I said
on the subject feel free to comment or

[xkcd comic] [for the geek in me] =]

Upon reading this I went on Wikipedia.org
and researched anything on this I didn’t
already know about, took ages but I feel
better for it.

Because that is what I use the internet for
these days [besides blogging and MSN of
course] self research. Say for instance I’m
watching a DVD or a television show and
a character says something I don’t know
or understand the reference for, I get the
laptop and look it up.

Thus the great power of the internet,
oh and I am aware that going from an
informative and amusing comic to
a validation of the internet for self
research is quite a segway, but if
you read this blog, it’s what you should

[Just wait till I write the blog I’ve been
planning that completely U-Turn’s on
what I just said]

[any views you know the drill, comment]

[how will you be remembered?]

[This blog is in two parts the immediate
and the far future] [kind of] [ok, let’s go]

Thoughts are on random at the moment
but this has lead to three consecutive
blogs in the middle of the night with
a much richer vocabulary than you
would usually find on this blog, which
probably making regular readers wondering
whether it is actually me who is the writing

But alas it is me. What you are witnessing is
a strange phenomenon which happens to me
late at night. I just get better at writing [this
lead to alot of my coursework being done late
at night which greatly exasibated my
sleeping issues, but, as always I digress].

I do wonder at times how I will be
remembered and what it is I will be
remembered for. I’m sure there are
alot of things I have done that I am
proud of that will not be remembered
in the long run and at the same time
exploits I’d rather forget will probably
haunt me for years to come. Shit.

Obviously the stupid things I’ve done
in my late teens/early twenties are of
no consequence to future Richard. Now
future Richard has been mentioned
before on this blog, he is the thirty
or so year old version of me who reminisces
too much and tells stories of events that
are probably unfolding at this very moment
that [as an older version of me] future Richard
has a better insight and understanding of.

I’d like to think that I’d be remembered
for trying to be there for the people
around me. But I am posing the question,
[and comments would be very welcome]

1: How would you like to be remembered?

2: How do you think you’ll be remembered?
Go on, by commented you become part
of an interesting squarebrackets survey
of the [up to now] silent readership
wouldn’t you say?