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[all I know to do]

Yesterday whilst getting getting a lift from my sister
and recounting tales of the recent wedding that I
photographed and she commented that she was
happy that I was still keeping one foot in the photography
side of things. And that got me thinking. Photography
is pretty much all I know to do at times. It is my main
skill and what most [if not all] people associate me with.

For me to live my life and not be doing something photographic is
strange to me.

It’s just not going to happen.

And in a couple of weeks [or next week, I’ll check my diary] I’m
photographing my old photogrpahy tutor’s stepson’s wedding.
Now to add a little history, my old photography has kept in
contact with me even though college was years ago and gives
my weddings to photograph and work in general and has said,
and I quote

“This is Richard, one of my old students. And he takes
photographs better than I do”

Which to hear from your old tutor is pretty amazing. As you
probably know I have been doing photography since about
the age of Seven. But it was at college that I started to
pursue it. And Mike is a big part of that. Now I’m known as
‘Photo’ by many and like I said before alot of people know me
by photography. Doing anything else would be strange.

Oh and on that point I am going to be working on a
website soon for my photography. And maybe other
aspects of my creative life, like for instance my writing
and so on.

And one more point, and this is mainly for Savannah
[yourownpersonalmonster], I’ve decided to make that
book up and when it’s done I’ll put a link up. Gonna have
to make some new material up for it though.

[see me, sans degree]

Conversations at work recently brought up
a long forgotten subject [well at least to
me], as to why I’m not studying photography
at university to a degree level.

Interesting. But as with all things
it has a story, and as always, I
doubt this will be a short one.

Sorry [in advance]

Well to begin with I’d like to
say that I did once get accepted
into uni with the work I had,
which my college tutor said
wasn’t good enough. But hey,
and with that for some reason
something clicked in my mind and
from that point I stopped working,
literally, went into college printed
some work in the darkroom and
helped others but thats about it.

The aftermath of this is that I
never made it into university and
barely scraped a pass from the college
course. And apart from disappointing
a few people I didn’t really care.

That was, of course, until I saw Steve.
Now Steve and I had last talked the day
I was accepted into uni, and so knew
nothing of my recent failures. So while
she was stealing my food, she asked for an
update on the uni situation and my life
in general. Now, I told her alot of stuff
at this point, most of which I’m not
going to share [for two reasons, the first,
it’s got nothing to do with the story and
second, it was a troubling time in my

So as she stole my last chip and took
in this flood of information she just
sat back and said [to the best of my

“Thats okay, you’re just going to re-apply
as a mature student when your old enough”

And that was that, that was the course my life
was on, I would continue to pursue photography
and wait until I was old enough to become a
mature student and join the ranks of higher education.
Funny that that was all it took, some words
from someone who would actually turn out to
be an important figure in that part of my life.

And thats what I did, kept my passion alive
in the hopes of one day being re-accepted into
De Mont Ford University, which is in Leicester
UK, if you were wondering.

Now, there is only one problem with
this and this is the only condition that
I put to Steve’s order, and this was it;

“But I’m not going to if my photographic career
is taking off”

And the thing is, it kind of is, I’m photographing
weddings and events and so forth. People like my
photos and for example I have three events [boat
parties, wedding receptions and not to mention
the countless band photos and possibly a calendar]
and two weddings before the year is out. But I do feel
like I’ve missed out at the same time. Maybe I
will go back, but it does sometimes feel like its
too late. But I shall definitely enquire for next
year. A promise is a promise.

Also some other things, near enough everybody
I know that studies a creative subject at uni wants
to quit soon after, I’ve actually talked a few people
into staying the distance at university and also if
your ever with me and you see me turn off the radio
at another university or student advert this article
should explain why. Also, why do I keep a promise
to someone I’ve not actually seen in what feels like
years, It’s not like she’ll find out.