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[星今晚出來了嬰孩] [方括號]

I just had a strange experience, one that
is actually worth blogging about. About
half an hour ago I was on my laptop and
the lights went out. Not too amazing as
we have an electricity key in my house
and I’ve been using up alot of power all

But then I realised that the street lights
were also out and upon further inspection
it was clear that there had been a complete
power cut on my street. Excellent. Because
I was on my laptop it didn’t worry me much.
But what did worry me was that it was too
dark to find my camera.

[reason being for wanting my camera is that
black outs on my street are rare and I wanted
to capture it]

So with a little encouragement from my
friend Holly, I rummaged around for my
camera and found it. The thing is when
i got outside, it was totally dark, all
around me all I could hear were alarms
and dogs barking. It was actually quite
post-apocolaptic. But alas I got my
camera out and propped it against
whatever was around me and took some
shots. [it was too dark to find my tripod
as well]

Then, as I was photogrpahing the lights
came on, but not as their standard orange
hue that they give off but a blood red.
The whole was really quite strange because
in the middle of it all. [because of the lack
of lights]. The stars came out. The most
I’d seen inna while. It was all quite alot
to take in.

And then I came back indoors intent
on blogging this strnage event and to
continue my talk with Holly, it actually
became apparent that I should have used
the video camera. But if I had done that
I wouldn’t have got shots like this one.


[the stars came out tonight baby]

[i think this experience will leave
me hoping for black outs more often]