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[not so appetising]

Today I had a walk into town and found that I had found myself
outside of the main window for the Marks & Spencer store in
Bangor and as I looked at the photos they had on the exterior of
the shop for there food and to be honest none of it looked appetising.

And that got me to thinking. My attitude to food has changed quite a bit.
I used to knowingly gorge on food, just because I could. But because if
the rules that I’m now living by [which were mentioned in a previous
post] I’m eating better and always eating crappy fast food.

And also it has got me cooking more, which is fun. Below I have included
two pictures. The top one is of the Marks & Spencer window and the other
is the meal I cooked for my friend Vicki and I. Yesterday was an epic day.
Cooked for a friend, had a  massive walk, played some frisbee and some
basketball and worked and one of the best jobs I have ever had. ilovelife.


[people think an edit is just for text, they are wrong]

It is soon time to perform yet another edit on my life.
I have done it before, taken my life, looked it over, seen
what parts are not needed and removed them.

My attitude, demeanour and way of life is wrong.
Although it has led to an overwhelming confidence.
A sort of ‘don’t give a fuck view on life’ as it has been
described. And although this is a great way to live
[don’t get me wrong], it also leads to laziness in
achieving goals. A sort of  ‘wait and see’ that can go
on for months.

So what Im going to do is look at my life and adjust, a few
simple measures to make sure that life runs as it should.
A general action that one must goes through during an edit
is to look at your social network. Firstly your online social
network. This is your Facebook, Twitter, Myspace and so
on and seriously consider how many of your ‘friends’ or
‘followers’ you actually interact with. When you realise all
the ones you don’t, delete them. I have found that my
online social networks are riddles with crap on my behalf,
this will change as part of the edit.

Oh, and if they notice you have deleted them and
message you then you may have made a mistake
and should consider taking them back.

That’s the start of an edit and one of the easiest parts. Now
that you’ve done an erase you must now rearrange and
rework parts of yourself. Look at your best features and
keep those and the thing that you don’t like, get rid. For
instance, looking at myself, I’m not that bad at socialising
and ask anybody who knows me and they’ll know how
easy I can make friends. But I quite dislike my lack of
dedication towards a goal and how easy it is for me to
get distracted.

And after you’ve done all that, make a list of
actions, a list of rules that you will live by for
the next month or so, just to prove to yourself
that you have some form of willpower.

I’ve already done these for a month a few
times so I’ve decided that the rules below are going to
start soon [within the next two weeks] and carry on for
a year;

To only get drunk a maximum of once a week
To no longer eat of fast food [this rule is not applicable whilst drunk]
Increase my productivity
Do not waste time
Read more
Don’t just make plans

I’m hoping this edit will go well as it needs to be done
over some time to be successful. With this new way of
life I should be able to be more proactive in sorting
everything out including but not limited to my future

Over and out.

[new about me page]

So yeah, my about me page has remained pretty much
untouched for the year or so that I had this blog and
actually remains one of the most visited pages on
the site.

So I decided to re-do it, I based it on the ‘[heya] blog
to start with and worked from there. The first set
of ‘I….’ are links to other things I have on the internet
and the rest are just general things about me.

All starting with ‘I….’ and things will be added to
this in due time.

One of the other reasons I changed it other than the fact
it was a bit boring and slightly pretentious is because alot
has changed over the past yeah since I created this blog.

And alot is going to change yet again. Change,

[don’t get offended if i seem absent minded]

For those of you who were wondering about the novel
[as I have received questions from about four people]
it stalled for a while. Which is totally my fault to be
honest. It’s because it’s part of my nature for some reason
to start things and not finish. I think photography was
the only hobby that actually stuck throughout my life.
Most others died pretty quickly.

I will be changing that though, this isn’t just a blog
saying how I failed and that’s it. No. This post is
basically to inform that I am going to now try even
harder. This novel WILL be completed there is no
doubt about that. I’m even more determined these days,
basically as I have nothing to do and have wasted days
recently. That isn’t a just a saying. I have actually been
wasting days. Oh well.

I’m going to Dublin in Ireland soon. Which should be
awesome. Been wanting to go there for a while and the
fact that the flight only cost £2 you cannot argue
with that.

I’m probably going to place another post up in a little
while, just for the fact that I’ve had an idea in my head
for a day or two now.

Ah well. Oh and I’ve also been thinking of doing a
video blog soon, which should be interesting. As I
have no idea what I ‘d be able to say in a video
blog that I couldn’t just write down. Any ideas?

Actually yeah. Any ideas??

That’s a thought. If there is anything that you would
want my to vlog on. Leave a comment :]

[love is a losing game]

I’ve been thinking this for some time,
mainly due to a song by Amy Winehouse,
but mainly because it is how I feel at
the mo.

If i was to describe myself, I would
say that I was a hopeless romantic.
I have the habit of holding one girl
above all others.

I do actually believe in love and
that when you find that person
there will be an amazing story behind
it. Like how you met or how it was
an uphill struggle but you both knew
it was meant to be.

But, my problem, and this is a
consistent problem that I have had
from about the age of four is that
I tend to pick girls that I have
little or no chance with.

Which has meant, that because
of this particular single mindedness
I have missed opportunities with
some lovely people. Things that
could have become something

But instead I used silly
excuses and fake numbers to
get them out of my way. This
all dawned on me recently, is
a stupid thing to have been doing.

So I have decided [and I’m going
to try and keep it like this] to stop
waiting for something that 9.5/10
times doesn’t pan out in my favour.

The fake numbers and excuses stop
now. I shall encounter all that come
my way.

Because when it comes to me and
my emotions I’m guessing that a
lot of the time I’m just kidding
myself anyways, so what’s the
point of waiting for something or
someone that most likely doesn’t
feel the same.

So, I’m stopping the romantic me for
a while.

Oh well.