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[le polaroid bleu]

This is for all the visitors to this blog who typed ‘polaroid’ into
google. There seems to be quite a few of you. In fact since this
blog started in August 2008 there have been  4173 of you.

I present to you, le polaroid bleu. The blue polaroid.

Le Polaroid Bleu

[photo of square.brackets]


[just in case you were wondering what
it is that I looked like] x

[photograph taken by James Molloy]


I have loved polaroid photographs since
I was a kid [probably as long as I’ve been
into photography]. And its quite a shame
that they’re going to stop making it.

So I thought that I would place one here
on the new blog, whilst i think of things
to write about.

[one of the morning views from my old bedroom,
it looked awesome as I woke up, so I grabbed my
polaroid camera and here we are]