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[nice to be commented]

Recently wordpress placed a
blog online, which was a movie
displaying the changes that will
soon befall this blogging system
that I and so many others used.

[to view this blog click here]

I watched the video and was quite
impressed. They took a system I
could honestly find no fault with
and made it better.

So I commented this blog, saying;

[this is awesome]
[like seriously]

Not my most eloquent of responses,
but it did look good. So with that all
done i went about doing what I do
best. Wasting time. And then some
time later I received a comment on
my [about me] page.

[i’m not going to link you because it
is directly above this page]

And this said;

hoh said 1 day ago:

{yr a clever lad!}
[link from wp announcment re preview to upcoming upgrade]
all the best
cape town


So I replied saying thank you for the
comment and why did they think I
was a clever lad and their response was

squarebrackets on November 8, 2008 said:

Heya, thanks for commenting
on my blog

But why did you think I was
a clever lad may I ask?


hoh says:

when scrolling down all the comments on the new version of WP preview,
your comment stood out for originality as does your avitar
– you think outside the box – you aren’t a sheep – you are an original visual thinker
this means you are a person that can help people see the world differently!
get them to see beyond/outside the box – hopefully so they become more tolerant – peace promoting value creating……
you’re a non conformist which is a marvellous thing in my book!
it’s the non conformists generally that have taught me the most
oh and
non conformists generally know who they are and don’t care what others think of them especially strangers
[just make sure you’re a constructive one please!]

lol, heres the original blog
if you don’t believe me