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[what I would have looked like as a chick]

These were made by my old flatmate Kate, the three chicks have been
made up to look like other people in the house [namely Rick Graham,
Alex Feery and myself].

I am on the left with a beard playing piano. Rick is in the centre  with emo hair and
a Guinness  under his wing and on the far right we have Alex. And although you
can’t see it he has got flesh tunnels taped on under his ears.

Found this photo recently and it made me giggle. So it’s on the blog.

I may start doing my posts like this just so’s I get into the habit of writing on here.

[one year of squarebrackets, who’d have thought it?]

The first post was placed on this site on the 2nd of
August 2008. So I’m a little late but I only realised
today. So yeah, a whole year. I’m probably as
surprised as you. Because I usually abandon stuff
like this a long time ago.

For the next few days [Saturday, Sunday, and Monday]
I’m going to be in Dublin in Ireland. Should be fun. So
I’ve placed a wordpress style wrap-up but for the entire
year. Using stats and the like. Enjoy

Here are the stats for the 2nd August 2008 to the 7th August 2009 stats:

    • 2 blogs were created.
    • 161 posts were published.
    • 270 comments. Alot of this is due to yourownpersonalmonster [click the link].
    • 7,780 pageviews on squarebrackets.wordpress.com.
    • The most amount of views in a month occurred in May 2009 with 839 views. With July 2009 coming a close second with 834 views.
    • In 2008 this blog received 2,830 views and so far in 2009 it has received 4,950 views.
    • The average view per day in 2008 was 19.
    • The average view per day so far in 2009 is 23.

      • 15 Categories.
      • 4 Pages.
      • 25 Drafts [alot of these are rubbish and will never see the light of day].
      • The most popular search term to reach this blog is ‘Polaroid’ which is responsible for 1,019 views.
      • The most viewed page or post is the ‘[about me’ page which has received 324 views.
      • And the biggest referrer to this blog is the WordPress Dashboard.

    And there you go. A whole year of views and comments reduced
    to numbers. That isn’t to say I haven’t appreciated all your
    comments for I have recieced for I have. And I love the fact that
    people actually reead all the random things that I have to say.

    As you saw on that list of statistics I have created two blogs.
    The other blog is realatively quite new with only one post on
    it at the moment [although it has about ten drafts, all of
    which will be made into posts]. It was made for the express
    purpose of display my photography. the link is below:


    Lets hope that I keep that one up [and this one] for another year.
    Thanks, and keep reading!

    I still don’t believe that I’ve had this and kept it active for
    a year.


    would like to say sorry for disappearing
    just really couldn’t think of anything to
    write. and also i was busy as you can
    see by the blog before this one.

    [it was awesome dude]

    [oh and in response to your comment
    cause it was a big one, lol]

    good to hear that you’re kool
    and just so’s you know all moods
    pass over time [and i should know
    i been in some terrible ones

    and the 45 min hug was actually
    extremely comfortable, lol, and this
    is gonna sound random but I have
    noticed more and more people using
    square brackets, lol


    [yeah, i did it]

    As you may note, recently I wrote a blog
    [see blog entitled: mini trips and
    notepads] I wanted to see more places,
    places I had yet to see.

    Well I did it =]

    I got a ticket on Monday night and on
    Tuesday morning I was on a flight, yeah,
    thats right.

    This flight took me 711.37 Miles [thats
    1144.82 Kilometres] to Oslo a city in
    Norway. It was awesome and the fact
    it was all last minute made it all the
    better. I went with my best friend

    We came back Wednesday night and
    actually managed to make friends
    with an Australian man who was on a
    tour of Europe and was heading to

    All in all I’m happy that I did it
    and also I took my along the first
    35mm camera that I ever had. An
    Olympus Trip 35. Its actually one
    of the most fun cameras I have to
    use. But in this blog I have only
    included one digital shot that
    I took with my IXUS 70 out of the
    plane window.



    [funny thing was I didn’t actually
    tell my mum where I was going
    just left in the morning. When I
    got back late on Wednesday, she
    just laughed and said “Norway?”
    and I smiled and said “Yep”]

    [thats how cool my mum is]

    [today was shit]

    Now, annoying, to contrast the
    day that I had yesterday, I had
    quite a crappy day. and the
    annoying things are this;

    1] It Started OK

    2] I don’t know what changed

    For some reason it turned from
    an average day at work to one
    of those days when you want to
    listen to quasi-depressing music
    at the loudest possible volume.

    [which I did, and it was fun]

    I have no reason to be down
    today, at all, yet I am still in
    a bit of a mood and can’t seem
    to shake it.

    There obviously were good points
    about my day, like for instance,
    working with Amy, Amanda, Tom
    and to some extent David, although
    at times he can seem more morose
    than I.

    Also I had to return a milkshake
    today, which I can inform you is the
    low point of my consumer life.

    There was one reason I came up
    with to explain my bad mood, but
    it couldn’t be that, I’ve come too far
    to be bothered by that crap.

    Hopefully in a few minutes I’ll
    blog awesome like usual, but give
    me this space [and this time] to vent.