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[keeping my cards close to my chest]

So yeah, the post below is pretty epic, apologies
for that, but I can rant pretty well.

Recently the photography is going really well, like
for instance I photographed my friend Alicia on
Tuesday and gave her her photos today and then
a little while later met up with Azita for the first
time to take her photos. Today’s photoshoot altogether
was pretty fun and Azita and I got on pretty well.

So yeah that’s awesome. I’m actually going
through the photos now and sorting which one
to delete and which ones to keep as I take more
than one at a time to ensure that I get the shot
even if the person blinks or something like that.
I have also recently been retouching photographs
which is new for me and buying fashion magazines
to look at the poses and so forth. I really like doing
portraits. Need more models though. Oh and
examples of today’s shoot and also the shoot with
Alicia will end up on the photo blog eventually.

The title of the blog basically refers to the fact that the
events that’ll unfold during the next couple of days will
pretty much shape what happens out of the options listed
in the epic blog below. Oh and the cruise ship job is out
of the window. I won’t be able to make the interview date.

I’ve almost finished reading my book ‘The Cloudspotters
Guide’. It’s actually pretty good, but has taken me way
too long to read. But I would recommend it to anyone
even the vaguest bit interested in clouds and how they
are formed. In fact I think I got Holly to buy it if memory

Not much else than that really. I’ve started a tumblr
[link will be below] and it has made me realise that
it’s getting harder to keep all these internet profiles
up. Oh well.

Will update with more details on Monday. Alot more
details.  =]