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[the coolest t-shirt I have ever owned]

I present to you, the offensive shirt.

[what I would have looked like as a chick]

These were made by my old flatmate Kate, the three chicks have been
made up to look like other people in the house [namely Rick Graham,
Alex Feery and myself].

I am on the left with a beard playing piano. Rick is in the centre  with emo hair and
a Guinness  under his wing and on the far right we have Alex. And although you
can’t see it he has got flesh tunnels taped on under his ears.

Found this photo recently and it made me giggle. So it’s on the blog.

I may start doing my posts like this just so’s I get into the habit of writing on here.

[yeah, i did it]

As you may note, recently I wrote a blog
[see blog entitled: mini trips and
notepads] I wanted to see more places,
places I had yet to see.

Well I did it =]

I got a ticket on Monday night and on
Tuesday morning I was on a flight, yeah,
thats right.

This flight took me 711.37 Miles [thats
1144.82 Kilometres] to Oslo a city in
Norway. It was awesome and the fact
it was all last minute made it all the
better. I went with my best friend

We came back Wednesday night and
actually managed to make friends
with an Australian man who was on a
tour of Europe and was heading to

All in all I’m happy that I did it
and also I took my along the first
35mm camera that I ever had. An
Olympus Trip 35. Its actually one
of the most fun cameras I have to
use. But in this blog I have only
included one digital shot that
I took with my IXUS 70 out of the
plane window.



[funny thing was I didn’t actually
tell my mum where I was going
just left in the morning. When I
got back late on Wednesday, she
just laughed and said “Norway?”
and I smiled and said “Yep”]

[thats how cool my mum is]

[views on heartbreak]

Totally worth it.

No, seriously.

The way I see it, its an essential part
of human emotional growth, and
without it I don’t think that many
of the well-adjusted people that
you see from day to day would be
who they are.

And like most people I have experienced
this myself [I can’t say that it has equaled
to the tales I have heard from my
contemporarys], but yeah, it hurt, but, I
am [in a strange round-a-bout way]
appreciative of the experience. Experience
helps you grow stronger and allows
you to deal with situations with a level head.

Now I am not saying that I would like to
experience heartache again, but you see
thats the thing.

No matter how many times
you go through heartache for the last
time, your bound to go through it again.
It’s called life and like I said before it
worth it, because if something had the
ability to break your heart. It must have
been awesome to begin with.

True Story.