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[i think i know why i dislike celebrities]

Today at work, out of nowhere
I random remembered a thing
that me and my mum used to
do when I was a kid, which
sometimes [only rarely and
sometimes to extradite myself
from social situations] I still

On a Saturday we would go
through the newspaper and
armed only with a biro we would
go through defacing random
celebrities. For no reason but
to see what we would come up

I know this is random but it
could explain my distaste for
anything resembling the world
of celebrity. So for a laugh, when
I got home I grabbed a newspaper
and had some fun.

[examples below] =]

[done with the Guardian G2 I had lying
around my bedroom]

[the last one weirds me out tbh]



I created this illustration using an original image
I took whilst with a friend in London, UK

I took the image and placed it in Adobe Photoshop
and placed a layer on top and drew the image again
with the paintbrush tool, it took quite some time to
create this image, but I’m most likely going to create

[sketch of simpson]

I’m actually quite proud of this and intend to do more
using original photos that I have taken.

Wish me luck.