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[who am i?]

Basic answer, I am Richard.
But by posing this question
on my blog, I’ve obviously
not come here to pose simple
questions towards you, but
to hopefully take this subject
a little deeper.

[And don’t worry, this isn’t
a self-indulgent blog to try
and make myself feel better]

Fine, go.

The need to question who we
are and what we are doing
generally stems from needing
to gauge a comparasion, a
comparasion between where
you are and where you want to
be. It [along with most human
acts in my opinion] is
ultimately healthy. It allows us
to see how far away from our
goals we are.

Although, like all things that can
be considered good, there can be
a point where things mess up, if
you question where you are and
what your doing to often. Then
you realise that the more often
you check up on your life, the
greater the increments appear
to be.

[It kinda runs on the same theory
of time seeming to slow when you
constantly check your watch]

Now as you sit there [wherever you may be],
and not necessarily now, but in the not too
distant future. Taking valuable stock of the |
place that you are currently in, your station
in life if you prefer. You must consider the
last time you took stock and how far you have
come since then, towards your goal, towards
your dream.

Because dreams don’t have to be unattainable,
just because they’re named after those strange
visions you see when your asleep doesn’t make
them any less real. Most peoples dreams are
[and this can be alot of the time] subject to
change due to some unforeseen event. But
no matter how they change they are still there
acting as the drive behind most of your
decisions. Make them the good ones.