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[1001 lessons in love and still none the wiser]

Life, is supposedly made up of lessons. Which
people generally called ‘Life lessons’. Now a
life lesson is supposed to arise from every
major experience in your life [some people
also believe even the tiny things are also
life lessons, but we’re going to stick to the
big stuff]. From every triumph and every
defeat, we, as people, are supposed to take
what we can from it and learn all that we

Like for instance, going down a dark alley and
getting in a bit trouble, tells you to not to go
down dark alleys anymore, or having your heart
messed around with should show you how to be
able to recognise and avoid certain types of people
and the situations that they can bring, and so on
and so on.

But the thing about learning from the
mistakes you make in your life, it somehow
insinuates that you will suddenly [at some
undefined moment in your life] start living
mistake free. But, I have yet to see this

The reason for this blog stems from a drunken
conversation I had with my friend Simpson,
during which we discussed many things but
one of the topics that I continued to think about
the next morning [totally hangover free] was
that we had discussed how tired we were with
all these life lessons and just wanted things to
hurry and start properly without all the
messing around of having to have your head
[and your heart] messed around with.

The both of us had had enough [in
temperament  and quantity] of all these
life lessons that came along and trying
to figure exactly what it was that they
were ‘supposedly’ trying to teach us and
whether it was a different lesson every
time. Or whether we were just making
the same mistakes.

Maybe we were hoping for too much? You know?

It’s that old saying isn’t it? ‘Everything
happens for a reason’ and that ‘Good things
happen to those who wait’. These sayings
although widely used and antique in their
own sense are wrong. They just leave you
there accepting all the crap that happens
to you and waiting for something amazing
to just waltz into your life.

But as we all know, that just doesn’t happen.
It’s pretty shitty to be honest. Because
from what I’ve seen with the people around
me, the things that they want to just appear
out of the sky, were right in front of them the
whole time.


It’s my Jessops leaving do  on Sunday.
Having it at the Laughing Buddha in
Bexleyheath. And you know what I am
gonna get completely wasted. I’m not
being funny either.

I haven’t drank a drop of alcohol since about the
29th of May this year. So as Simpson said,

“If there’s an excuse to drink, then your own
leaving do has got to be one of them”

And she’s right. So if you get a random text
or phone call from me on Sunday night, best
to ignore it :]

[jesus christ thats a pretty face]

First off,

Happy Birthday Andrew

[otherwise known as
[I’ll probably see you before you
read this anyways]

This week has actually been pretty
decent. Celebrated three birthdays,
played a gig, rested up, went out
for the majority of the nights and
had constant good times.

Oh and realised I suck at bowling.

I find it increasingly hard to
summise these days for some
reason. Probably because I am
fully aware of how I can waffle
on. Lets just say this, for the
most part, life is good.

Can’t really ask for more than

[I’ve actually realised that this
is quite a short blog, hmmm]

[six degrees] [taken from joypin]

I found a blog randomly the other
day and the top post interested

You basically have to make
personal statements consisting
of sentences made of only six words.

So here goes.

[I over think every little detail]
[I can see the world differently]
[I fail at long division, lots]
[been doing photography since aged seven]
[make jokey music with my brother]
[writes poetry, mainly they’re about love]

[I like toast, toast is awesome]
[love photography, hate the photographers gallery]
[wants to see the world someday]
[I use chopsticks to eat yogurt]

[my music is always too loud]
[start books, but rarely finish them]

[better than I used to be]
[have many a reason to celebrate]

[and, cue dramatic, yet awesome drumroll…]

[wishing Simpson a happy eighteenth birthday]

[that was actually quite fun]

[but yeah, Happy Birthday Simpson, hope you
have a good one] =]

[the original blog]

[this photo]

Upon putting the love knot photo up on this
blog a few days ago [it wsa in the blog entitled
‘[remember the great times] [2]’] my friend
Andrew [http://mrhappy88.wordpress.com]
made a blog of photographs that make him

Its actually a pretty kool blog and I suggest
that you go visit the blog. And it popped in
to my head because at this moment I’m
speaking to another good friend of mine.
[well two if you count Simpson, but she’s
not in the photo, i hope, lol] it reminded
of a photo that makes me smile [so much
so I placed on my new computer without
even thinking about it].

This photo was taken on the 26th June 2006.
Alot has changed since then, but this, is still
one of my favourite photos. Gotta love camera

[remember the great times][2]

This is a one photo blog.
It was an awesome night.
[Apart from a phone being

So this photo, is the best
that I had from that day.

Oh and I never give a shit
about red eye in a photo.

[ever had a moment?]

So tonight I was on the cab home
[or rather in] and we were going
along, me drunkenly in the back
and the cab driver [obviously]
in the front seat telling me
about a previous passenger that
had annoyed him.

At this point we were at some
lights that had been red [albeit
only for a few seconds] where
I had to ask him to stop talking.
As rude as that was, it had to
done. Because, at those red
lights I came across something
quite rare.

Everything was still.
Everything was perfectly still.

This may not seem to be anything
of great astoundment to anybody
but you probably don’t understand
truly what I mean. Nothing was
moving, at all. There were no people
walking down the street, there were no
cars anywhere nearby and there was
no wind.

I looked upon the scene laid out
before me, strangely calmed by it.
Nothing would be moving, It’s
seemed eerily beautiful. And the
funny thing is that I know I haven’t
conveyed it in a way you will
understand, oh well. I’ll just try and
remember it for myself.

[This happy blog was requested
by Simpson, have fun]  =]

[today was shit]

Now, annoying, to contrast the
day that I had yesterday, I had
quite a crappy day. and the
annoying things are this;

1] It Started OK

2] I don’t know what changed

For some reason it turned from
an average day at work to one
of those days when you want to
listen to quasi-depressing music
at the loudest possible volume.

[which I did, and it was fun]

I have no reason to be down
today, at all, yet I am still in
a bit of a mood and can’t seem
to shake it.

There obviously were good points
about my day, like for instance,
working with Amy, Amanda, Tom
and to some extent David, although
at times he can seem more morose
than I.

Also I had to return a milkshake
today, which I can inform you is the
low point of my consumer life.

There was one reason I came up
with to explain my bad mood, but
it couldn’t be that, I’ve come too far
to be bothered by that crap.

Hopefully in a few minutes I’ll
blog awesome like usual, but give
me this space [and this time] to vent.


I created this illustration using an original image
I took whilst with a friend in London, UK

I took the image and placed it in Adobe Photoshop
and placed a layer on top and drew the image again
with the paintbrush tool, it took quite some time to
create this image, but I’m most likely going to create

[sketch of simpson]

I’m actually quite proud of this and intend to do more
using original photos that I have taken.

Wish me luck.