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[remember the great times][2]

This is a one photo blog.
It was an awesome night.
[Apart from a phone being

So this photo, is the best
that I had from that day.

Oh and I never give a shit
about red eye in a photo.

[proximity and passion]

Meeting new people is hard, it seems
to be more and more socially awkward
to go up to someone you see in a bar
or club and go up to them with a first
line [that pretty much defines how they
will always see you] without either your
mates jeering at the back of the pub, or
the music blasting so loud you have to
check if your ears are bleeding [gross
but true if you think about it].

So, lets think, you need somewhere
moderately quiet. A place where there is
absolutely no pressure to make an
amazing first impression. And, if [by
some strange form of bad luck] the
conversation should form that
awkward silence, you need a distraction
good and ready. The simple answer
to this conundrum:

the workplace.

Seriously though, consider it.

Has working with people
become the new way to meet

As the shifts go on you and
the time drags on, you find yourself
learning more and more about the
person that is in front of you. You
find that you share similar interests
and usually you realise that you both
share a disinterest about your job [in
most cases I have found this to be
true, which is a plus, because at a
date the last thing you want to talk

You also realise that you have learned
so much more about this person [their
likes, their dislikes] than you would
have done if it was a date situation. And
like I mentioned earlier there is no
pressure cause your at work.

But does it work? Do these sort of
relationships have a standard shelf
life, or is it shortened because of the
following factors that stand in your

[you see each other ALL the time]

[there are a thousand views on your
relationship from your co-workers]

[you can try and hide the relationship,
but people [somehow] always find out]

My personal opinion on this particular
subject is that yeah, you could meet
the perfect person at work, someone
with whom you can share interests and
nice conversations, but what if your wrong
and the leap that you take isn’t as gracious
as you would have hoped, or, your leap
was gracious but the end of the relationship
isn’t, your gonna have to see that person
all the time. It’s that consequence that
kinda scares me on that one.


You could always do what me and my
friend did, when she said;

“What happens when we break up”

I replied with;

“We don’t, we’re that awesome”

[basically trying to say that not all
relationships have bad endings]

[today was shit]

Now, annoying, to contrast the
day that I had yesterday, I had
quite a crappy day. and the
annoying things are this;

1] It Started OK

2] I don’t know what changed

For some reason it turned from
an average day at work to one
of those days when you want to
listen to quasi-depressing music
at the loudest possible volume.

[which I did, and it was fun]

I have no reason to be down
today, at all, yet I am still in
a bit of a mood and can’t seem
to shake it.

There obviously were good points
about my day, like for instance,
working with Amy, Amanda, Tom
and to some extent David, although
at times he can seem more morose
than I.

Also I had to return a milkshake
today, which I can inform you is the
low point of my consumer life.

There was one reason I came up
with to explain my bad mood, but
it couldn’t be that, I’ve come too far
to be bothered by that crap.

Hopefully in a few minutes I’ll
blog awesome like usual, but give
me this space [and this time] to vent.