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[not so appetising]

Today I had a walk into town and found that I had found myself
outside of the main window for the Marks & Spencer store in
Bangor and as I looked at the photos they had on the exterior of
the shop for there food and to be honest none of it looked appetising.

And that got me to thinking. My attitude to food has changed quite a bit.
I used to knowingly gorge on food, just because I could. But because if
the rules that I’m now living by [which were mentioned in a previous
post] I’m eating better and always eating crappy fast food.

And also it has got me cooking more, which is fun. Below I have included
two pictures. The top one is of the Marks & Spencer window and the other
is the meal I cooked for my friend Vicki and I. Yesterday was an epic day.
Cooked for a friend, had a  massive walk, played some frisbee and some
basketball and worked and one of the best jobs I have ever had. ilovelife.

[a good moment]

I came home just now to
a good moment. In the
kitchen there was a big
bottle of Pepsi Max and
four pancakes my mum
had cooked this morning


[oh and thanks for the
confidence in my writing skill
monster, lol]

[relationships at their most basic level]

As I got the B bus home from Bluewater
today, I cracked it. I was actually able
to describe relationships at their most
basic level [or at least attempt to].

Now i would like to say, this actually
wasn’t on my mind until I cracked it.
I was actually thinking of getting home
and enjoying my Cesear Salad [Thank
You Andrew] and as I sat down, it
just popped in there.

[I’d also like to say I am not an expert,
not in the slightest, I’m just a guy with
an opinion, and a place to air said opinion]

[namely here]

So, relationships.

Like I said before I think I figured out
what they are all about and what
drives them.

It’s comfort.

When you think of a relationship that
may happen or a happy one that you
are in. Along with the happiness don’t
you feel a massive sense of comfortability
with regards to that other person?

Oh well, those are my thoughts, which
remember formed when i sat down on
a bus. But think about it, you think
of five or so happy relationships that
you are aware of, the most common
denominator to those five or so
relationships is comfort. And possibly
reliability, but mostly comfort.

To note:
This wasn’t ever going to be a massive
blog, trying to keep the ramblings on
this one to a minimum.

But if you have any views on what I said
on the subject feel free to comment or

[today was a good day]

Yeah, it was, not only because
of the nice people I met at work
today disguised as customers. But
more importantly than this, today,
as what is becoming the new standard
I walked home from work and ate healthily
at lunchtime, walking home allowed me
to take a little detour and end up at
ASDA with the intention of cooking

Whilst down there I saw my old
childminders from when I was a kid
[quite obviously] and had a chat with
them, which was awesome. I was always
afraid I’d let them down with the whole
‘not-going-to-uni’ situation, but they
didn’t bring it up, but were happy to
hear that my photography career seems
to be kicking off.

In case you were wondering, I bought pasta,
turkey and two different sauces and I’m
gonna cook them for me and mum, once
I finish this blog. I like cooking and I’m
good at it, hence why I only cook on the

And as well as being more than two
thirds through my book in two sittings
I have also gone and got myself a
flickr account, which at the mo
only has a few polaroid in it. Which
Are already on this blog, but hey.

I’m gonna go cook now, but,
yes, it was a good day.

[green grabber]

I find it weird that people
find it be amazing. Yes, this
word was actually said
[can’t remember who the
person who said it was, neither
do I care] because I now eat
salads instead of crappy foods
for lunch.

I have been asked on more than
one occasion,

“Are you on a diet?”
“Seriously, your on a diet arent you?”
“No, but I am on lunch”

I’m not for the record, but
thing is, it just struck me
about a month ago that eating
crappy foods [this list being
made of essentially fast food]
all the time, was just stupid.

Let me put it another way,
imagine someone came to
you, someone you trusted,
and told you that eating
fast food was bad for you
body, mind and other
faculties of your person.

And as you are consuming
this substance that is slowly
destroying killing you, you
look up and say, yeah but
it’s so so tasty. I have slightly
more respect for myself
than that.

It doesn’t have to be construed
as you being on a diet if your
spotted eating green vegetables.

So I say yes, and have been for
a while, to salads, there actually
quite tasty.

And like I said, its not a diet,
lets just call it a better eating
decision. Salads, yummmm.

Also I’d like to add something,
after I ate fast food, I generally
felt ill, you really don’t get
that with salads.

If I could recommend one,
I’d say get ‘Country Garden
Chicken’ from EAT. or a Chicken
Cesear Salad. Obviously your
not going to do something just
because I tell you to. But just
try it for a little while, oyu’ll
see what I mean.

True story.