[about me]

I blog
I photoblog
I twitter
I tumble
I facebook
I flickr
I youtube
I myspace

I take photos
I make music
I write words
I read books
I read blogs
I read papers
I watch movies
I try to make them
I call friends
I write texts
I send them
I receive messages
I reply
I help out
I can rant
I can babble
I can repeat
I can muse
I over think
I welcome you to my blog

11 responses to “[about me]

  1. hi richard.. i was just surfing the net then i thought of going to wordpress and for no reason at all i clicked to your blog.. i like writing poems too so i read your “old love poem”.. and i was surprised to find out your name is richard.. hehe.. just because of some past experience.. hehe given by that name to me.. i’m an asian.. 18years old..

  2. Hi
    I’m Rich
    Welcome to my blog, lol

  3. Hi.
    I like reading your poems. Keep on writing.

  4. Yay! you’ve seen my blog (and my very amateuristic vids!).

    Thanks for dropping by.:)

    I specially like your pics. there’re all great.:)

  5. {yr a clever lad!}
    [link from wp announcment re preview to upcoming upgrade]
    all the best
    cape town

  6. Hey Richard,

    I really appreciate the comment you left on my wordpress. In response to your question, yes, I do often write about my characters this way. I just came to your journal and really like your writing, and am hoping we can exchange blogroll links. What do you think?

    I’ll be spending a month in Berlin this winter, and may travel through England, all on the count of me getting a grant to pursue my father’s history in Europe (and write about it).

    Nice meeting you, and I especially appreciate your photography!

  7. You have a gift, thanks for sharing it…i’m a hopeless case, trying hard writer…in my dreams…

  8. Hey, you’ve got a really nice blog here. I’m going to come back to read more of your work. Rolling you 🙂

  9. I love your site. Keep it up !

  10. Sir, thank you for your comments on my blog “Zero Knowledge Protocol”.

  11. Thanks! The photo you saw is sort of a promotional image for my screen-printed graphic t-shirt. Thanks again for your words. You’ve got a great blog and a nice point of view.

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