[poem to the point]

I don’t know if it was love,
but it sure was close.
I laid there in the bed,
as you put back on your clothes.

As you made your excuses,
And left through the door.
I wondered if I felt anything for you anymore.

It was five years ago,
that you broke my heart in two.
But since then I thought of none other
than you.

But now that I’ve had you,
and my false feelings dismissed.
I only feel sad,
for the love that I have missed

It’s been a while so I thought I’d throw a poem on here. I did just this second make it up. so forgive me if it’s not that great.

6 responses to “[poem to the point]

  1. Liked the emotions in this poem and the questions raised by the new interaction with an old lover.

  2. yourownpersonalmonster

    I’m sorry, did you say it’s not great? Because I find it extraordinary.

    I get what you mean about the crossing over thing so I will keep commenting on here.

    I do plan on getting a weekend job when school starts up again at my neighbor’s restaurant, so hopefully that will give me the chance to meet some new people and have money to go see my old friends.
    However, I’ll have to disagree on your saying making friends is easy. I’m horrible with people. I can never find the words to say and I just get flustered and awkward, even with people I already know.

    I’ve always thought about it, but I don’t talk about it often because that makes the want seem too real.

    Friends will only let you down in the end, I’m starting to think they’re just a waste of time.

  3. yourownpersonalmonster

    Oh, well good luck with your father because I’m assuming there is an estrange relationship between you two.

    I’m looking forward to working. I’m really hoping it’ll give me a boost on my lacking social skills. I guess we’ll have to wait and see.

    I know art is important, but I feel I should stick to the form of art I’m good at. I’m taking two writing classes next year, and I feel the art class is unnecessary considering I’m not much of an artist and the people in that class are very into it. I’d just be there to receive credits instead of pursuing a career in the field.

    Also, my secret isn’t harming me. I don’t think it is at least. It doesn’t matter. Thank you for not asking me about it though, not many people would understand my want of keeping it to myself.

  4. yourownpersonalmonster

    Hm, well I’m sorry about that. And I know what you mean about not hearing from fathers in years.

    I lack social skills in every field. I’m good with getting people to like me, or at least I used to be. But now I’m too closed up and I don’t talk nearly enough to keep a conversation going. I guess depression and trust issues will make that happen.

    I’ve thought it through. Time with my favorite person in that building is much better than a class I don’t need to take.

    Hope all is well with you as well. And the photos on your photoblog are wonderful. But that’s nothing new. 🙂

  5. yourownpersonalmonster

    I figure the past comment is now mute, considering I’m weeks over-due.
    The photos on the photoblog are wonderful. I do wish you’d write more poetry though.
    Anyway, I’ll keep this short and sweet.
    I hope all is well with you, dear.

  6. This is real intense and full of expression and longing. I think a lot of people can relate, I’m sure at one time I could’ve.

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