[le polaroid bleu]

This is for all the visitors to this blog who typed ‘polaroid’ into
google. There seems to be quite a few of you. In fact since this
blog started in August 2008 there have been  4173 of you.

I present to you, le polaroid bleu. The blue polaroid.

Le Polaroid Bleu

3 responses to “[le polaroid bleu]

  1. ooooh, pretty! Is it true that Polaroid film is back in production? I have a big stack of Polaroids I took before my friend dropped my camera off the side of a bed. Going back to NY soon, I will prob scan them!

  2. @jenniferyumyums [yeah scan them and put them on your blog! Are you from NY then? Oh and polaroid film is coming back, there is another company making it though]

    @esther [i thought it would be nice]


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