[reminds me of home]

Not sure where I found this or exactly how long it’s been saved on my computer.

But seeing it reminds me of home.

The fact that besides Bangor at the moment home is Kent and by weak extension London and that this drawing is obviously not of London makes the fact it reminds me quite strange. But there you go.

Hope you’re all good.

4 responses to “[reminds me of home]

  1. Random question: do you know a girl named Steve?

  2. [your right, that is random, but yes I know Steve, why do you ask?]

  3. I got chatting to her about photography recently, and she mentioned someone I thought might be you. I’m assuming I was right, unless Steve is a far more common girl name than I realise…

  4. [well I assume it was me that you were talking about, how was it that you found this site? Did she give you a link?]

    [also I have another blog dedicated to photography, it hasn’t got as many posts as this one because it’s relatively new]


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