[what I would have looked like as a chick]

These were made by my old flatmate Kate, the three chicks have been
made up to look like other people in the house [namely Rick Graham,
Alex Feery and myself].

I am on the left with a beard playing piano. Rick is in the centre  with emo hair and
a Guinness  under his wing and on the far right we have Alex. And although you
can’t see it he has got flesh tunnels taped on under his ears.

Found this photo recently and it made me giggle. So it’s on the blog.

I may start doing my posts like this just so’s I get into the habit of writing on here.

One response to “[what I would have looked like as a chick]

  1. yourownpersonalmonster

    Those are adorable. 😀

    I thought it would be a good idea to tell one of my friends about my blog, and now I feel like I can’t write anything, even though I know her well and I know everything she reads on here stays between her and I.

    And, I went back to read it, and I meant to say nice to see you back on, not ‘not to see you back on’, that doesn’t even begin to make sense.

    Anyway, how have you been dear?

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