[bored but with 150 things to do]

So yeah, I should start packing for Wales, I’ve got
to make lists Mum says. As I have the habit of
forgetting the little things.

So I have this looming sense of urgency but at the
same time I have this overwhelming sense of
boredom. I should be getting things done but really
can’t be bothered to remove myself from my bed.

I’m in bed writing this. As an example.

I’m actually just gonna finish this up with saying that
tomorrow this all changes. I’ll pack clothes and stuff,
sort tickets and start the push ups. It’s all on the up.


2 responses to “[bored but with 150 things to do]

  1. haha, I know exactly how you feel. I get that a lot too, everything but nothing to do 🙂 it seems as though your mind is so overwhelmed that it does exactly the opposite of what it’s supposed to, kind of like a defense mechanism or omthing..

  2. I sometimes find it’s good to go for a walk .. I usually feel a lot more motivated afterwards. just an idea.

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